Which can be a solution to stay away from the smartphone during the evening?

Victoria P.
When you realize just how much time you use it for your well being and how much you dont use for simple things like turning off the tap with your hands. Convenient and maybe time saving but what else are you saving with so much extra time you must have since your amart phone can do pretty much anything for you. How do you use that extra 3 minutes or do you check social media ?

Irmi U.
Reading a book you enjoy instead. Get caught up in another world! Plus, the less blue light your eyes are absorbing makes it easier to fall asleep.

Sofia X.
Play board games with family, watch a show with family, go out with your friends, anything that doesn't involve a smartphone.

Violetta U.
At first turn on the bedtime mode to make it b&w and uninterested. Then keep the phone in a place away from you that you can't see it.

Riley E.
I like to climb in bed get comfy and disappear into a good book. Let your mind forget about the worries of the real world for a bit. After reading I drink some water put the world on hold until the next day and sink into sleep. There is nothing so important it cant wait until the morning.

Victor P.
Set out some thing that would entice you away from the smart phone. For example, a book of short stories or essays that you really want to talk into. An interesting article that you've been meaning to read. Maybe even move your charger and any devices to a far reach so that it takes extra effort to get to them. What is it that you do when you are on a quiet vacation, or trip to the beach? Do that.

Jacek R.
I would recommend turning it off, putting it into airplane mode or leave it in a different room so you can’t get distracted by a notification. From my personal experience I always turn it off at least half an hour before I go to bed, because I like to read in the evening or do something with my family. It really helps to make you sleep better. I hope I could answer your question how you intended😊

Bailey Z.
I normally put my phone on do not disturb and put it on a window still and then I read a book or write in my journal. its going to be hard at first but you just have to get into a groove of doing it :)!

Sara W.
Putting your phone in the bedroom to charge early in the evening is a great way to separate yourself from it. Be sure to set up your environment to be busy in other rooms (cooking dinner, reading in the living room, outside with the dogs etc). Have a paper and pencil bear you so that if you feel tempted to look something up, add a calendar event or send a text you can wrote it down to remind your self to do it later or in the morning. Being present in the moment has such high value for my own personal happiness.

Emily Y.
I put mine in a different room than where I am reading or watching tv with my family while we wind down for the evening. Having to physically move to another place to go fetch it and use it makes me think twice about using my phone in the evening.

H Lo Se T.
If you have iPhone use the downtime setting to block the apps that keep up on your phone in the evening and through the night. Make sure you unblock apps such as your phone app and texting app and FaceTime, things like that.

Fiona A.
this is a really hard thing for me to answer since im strugling with the same problem. But i just shut it off and then hide in the drawers and think about how its good for me

Judith O.
I would set any alarms and make any calls 1-2 hours from your bedtime. Then I would keep the phone in a separate room or far away from your bed. Do some light reading or journaling to relieve stress. Reflect on your day. Don’t go back to your phone during the time. If it’s an emergency that’s a different story. I hope this was helpful for you and I wish you luck on your habit journey!

Mia J.
Going over your goals and to do list by ticking what is completed and reflecting on what your next steps to be in relation to the commitments you made or may have forgotten about.
Consistency is key so if all is well then set a timer for when you want to unwind and disconnect from the blue screen so you can stay in tune with yourself by reading something new or anything creative that suits you.

Sabrina Z.
I can empower myself to be incontrol of how much screen time I get vs. How much time I get with no electronic distractions, allowing myself to listen more to my inner wants and needs without a crutch to numb the feelings of happiness that come from choosing what I actually want to do in the moment deep down inside of me.

Ceri N.
Get busy doing something else that doesnt involve the smartphone like cooking, cleaning, talking to friends or family, reading

Mishi W.
First of all be determined towards not using Ur phone, using Ur phone ain't getting u anywhere, the doapmine is spoiling Ur ability to think and act properly, people u talk to ain't getting u anywhere, texting takes more time than calling, reading a book can help. Keep Ur phone in a place u cannot reach immediately or switch it off if possible.

Elma P.
1. Try not getting your phone to your bedroom at night.
2. Keep phone charging station in the kitchen or living room, anywhere but the bedrooms.
3. Invest in a basic alarm which you can use in your bedroom.

Taylor Z.
This is a hard one for me too! I think the best bet is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Try plugging it in in a room/place that you are not- maybe the kitchen instead of your bedroom. That takes away the all too easy slip of grabbing it since it’s in arms reach 🙂

Vidhi W.
Removing the smart phone in this age and technology probably requires a person with a lot of self control . There is just so much to do and see on a smart phone , and so little time , so one resorts to the phone staying and sleep disturbing patterns most of the night

The habit that helps me is to silently unplug early on and decide the time to do it in the day so that I won’t miss it in the night .
I would know I have adhered to my schedule .
Moreover doing more meaningful activities like reading a book and writing in your journal are far more fulfilling activities rather than blankly staring at the social media . One has to just gets. Taste and similarly learn how to can’t do without fulfilling activities , to be able to give it up at night .
But once given up the sleep is so much more sound and better .