If able to would it be so bad to disconnect for a day or even more?

Natasha T.
It depends on what you are disconnecting from.
If you are disconnecting from Social Media or from unhealthy habits then it is absolutely great to do it. But, in the other hand if you are disconnecting from healthy relationships or habits then it might seem counterproductive to do so. Although, if it is beneficial for you to disconnect partially and not completely for a couple of days, just to reset or refresh then I believe it won’t be as bad. It depends on circumstances and individuality.
Ella Z.
Disconnect for a day would help be come more productive and have more time to self reflec your own goals instead of focusing on everyone else on social media.
Maria T.
I would probably be fine, but doing it consciously might cause me some anxiety. I would wonder if I missed something important or less important as well. If I happened to disconnect without focusing on it, though, I would be totally fine and not think much of it. I would enjoy my day as is.