What do you do to disconnect& unplug, if your mind is still full of to do’s? How do you prepare to disconnect?

Avery O.
Firstly, to disconnect and unplug, I try to leave my devices on a separate room and if I take my phone with me, it’s either to mark my routines, read or listen to music, nothing else. After I disconnect, shutting my to do list for the night is a little harder, but every time I lose focus, I try to return to my breathing or just sounds and feelings around my room and when I’m in complete focus, I say: “I’m going to end today here, everything else can be take care of tomorrow.” I keep trying that until I’m relaxed and can fall asleep.
Karin F.
Set an alarm for 30min before my disconnected time starts. Then I have time to wrap up the last stuff on my computer/phone/cleaning up, and brew some tea. I have a special herb tea without caffeine that takes 15 minutes to brew, so when that's done (and sat to cool for some minutes), I put on a book to listen to (unsure about the English word, sound book?), put the phone away, drink my tea and do some crochet.
If my todo list is not done, it doesn't matter. I'm more alert in the mornings anyway, so it'll be more effective to do it the next day.
Britten Q.
I turn off my computer and room's lights, instead relying on the light of a lantern. I turn on calm music with a sleep timer on spotify, so by the time I'm falling asleep, it'll turn itself off. I bought myself dried lemonmeliss, chamomile, valerian root and passionflower (all seperately) and made a tiny ritual of mixing them and making tea to drink in bed before sleep.