How do I spend less time on my phone when I’m about to go to sleep?

Michelle G.
Place your phone far away from you before you get into bed so you won't be tempted to go on it.pick up another hobby such as reading a book before bed instead of using the phone.

Sancho O.
I could set my alarm clock in advance, perhaps before or after taking a shower: That way I would have to review my schedule for the next day, commit to getting up at a specific time. By doing this earlier in the evening, I would better calibrate when I should go to bed, and could leave it on my bedside stand so I am not on it for the rest of the evening. I could then make sure my routine included the short read before bed. I may actually start going to bed at the same time. I find however that reading My trauma books before I go to bed feels a bit like work and is also energizing. I should prob start reading some literature, but I already feel like I do read enough academic material.

Balin P.
Try to do your phone stuff earlier in the day and save your paper tasks for the night light writing your to do list, journaling, reading. If you use your phone, just use it to set an alarm clock or listen to a meditation. Hopefully by the end of the meditation, you won’t want to go back to your phone. If you want to text or look something up, instead add it to your tomorrow’s to do list, keep a journal by your bedside for ease.

Joshua O.
I put my phone in another room when I'm about to go to sleep. You could also turn off the internet or just turn the phone off. Or you can silence the ringtones if you use your phone as an alarm clock.

Willie E.
I’m still guilty of this as well. I haven’t completely stopped use of my cell phone before bed but I have drastically reduced it by using other outlets to distract myself before I decide it’s time to sleep, then I’ll get on my phone one last time to log anything I may need or check my alarms, etc. I own geckos, which are nocturnal so that helps me to take time away from my phone to feed them and get them prepared for the night. I may also be finishing up some homework, braiding my hair, or picking out my outfit for the next day. I really just try to do activities that don’t require the use of my phone so I won’t be tempted to scroll mindlessly on an app before going to bed.

Layla U.
Leave your phone downstairs when you go upstairs. You will be busy brushing your teeth and washing your face or whatever it is you do. Your phone will charge if you put it on the charger, and you won't be as distracted.

Arquimedes C.
Hi. I used to be on my phone or laptop every night before I went to sleep. Sometimes I've even fallen asleep in front of the laptop or my phone. But then I saw that it was beginning to bother me because I couldn't fall asleep and I would be nervous and anxious. I started changing my routine. I would use my phone or laptop in the evening, but an hour or two before going to sleep I would read a book or take a longer walk to get some fresh air. It will benefit you but it will also wear you down so you will be tired and just want to go to sleep without even thinking about using your phone or something else.

Aur Lien C.
Cerco almeno di ascoltare la musica che voglio, massimo 1, e almeno 1-2 ore prima mi riposo sul cell così sarò accontentata e alle 22 vado a dormire

Rsula N.
How I do it is I check my messages, do everything I want to do and instead of scrolling on eg Facebook or Instagram I just put my phone away and read a book! I've added that as a goal as well, and there are of course other things you could do like sudokus or something, maybe watch a series on your laptop, but just put your phone away very consciously!

Baraa N.
Well, I embraced the habit of reading, surfing and checking my mobile before sleeping. And the result was late sleeping or sometimes no sleeping at all. Later, I subtitued mobile with books and newspapers before sleeping. This helped me a lot to fall in asleep immediately

Lindy G.
I'm about to install an app which blocks me from my social media apps at times I choose – if I block everything for 40m at bedtime, I reckon I'll realise I'm tired and go to bed.

D Bora I.
I struggle with this issue as well. However, one advise that I could give is to disconnect with your phone one hour before sleep and spend that one hour reading instead before sleep. Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes if you try it out! 🙂

Caitlin J.
I recommend putting your phone on its charger in another room, or setting an alarm for before bed to remind you to get off. I like to take time to read before bed so I'm not on my phone.

Wijenayaka Z.
I tempt to meditate and I think if I hang on the mobile I would losse many hours from my sleep time andalso I think the disadvantages of it.

Ren E.
Try to do breathing exercises before going to bed and disconnect from your electronics at least 30 minutes before sleeping, you’ll rest better and feel more energized in the morning. It’s also a good idea to turn off all your electronics to avoid any temptations.

Cris Z.
Hi. I would plug your phone in in another room. Eliminate the temptation. But if you need it in the bedroom for alarm purposes, Plug in across the room; or if you are using it, set a timer and when it rings, out it down. Good luck

Laszlo Y.
Pick up a book instead of your phone! It makes you sleepy and you fall a sleep much faster than spending time on your phone!

Alan P.
Use your phone's 'do not disturb' feature to automatically schedule it to go into aeroplane mode an hour before your bedtime.

Mary X.
Don't bring it in your bedroom. If you want to play on your phone, stay in another room. When you are ready for bed, put it down.

Alex O.
Ask yourself what exactly would feel missing if you did not have your phone and what harm having the phone ends up causing. Then ask why you want to stop using the phone, really, and think about what else can "scratch that itch", or if it really needs to be scratched. Finally leave your phone in another room, put it on lock mode, or somehow make it inaccessible, and as the anxiety kicks in remind yourself why you want to break the habit.

Uwe X.
To relax and have a detox from your mobile phone I usually read or do some studying. I like to switch my phone off and get things done.

Trenka E.
Just put it down. There is no end of content so you need to decide for a time when you mute and out down your phone. And get used to the emptyness felt after your phone is out away.

Rohan T.
Mute your phone's notification. This act will not disturb you to check into your phone repeatedly and having a good night sleep. 😊

Brianna P.
Just do the last thing earlier and do something other than work with your phone. For example the last thing I do is saying goodnight to my girlfriend, I do it 30 minuets before I actually sleep then I go brush my teeth and read 20 pages of my book and then go to sleep.

Anna N.
Set up a timer/alarm clock, fir the time you want to go to sleep. Then, put your phone in a bag or put a sticky note on it, with a note saying it's time to go to bed. Make sure the alarm is extra annoying.

Nicholas Q.
Don't charge your phone next to your bed but rather across the room or in another room. That way when you plug it in at night you will no longer get up to look at it.

Michele T.
A couple ideas. Charge your phone over night so it runs down during the day. Then by bedtime it should be almost or completely dead again.

Develop a bedtime routine of taking a hot bath, or meditating, or reading. Something relaxing that doesn’t involve the phone.

Go away for a weekend somewhere that has bad cell reception and no Wifi. Then you literally can’t use your phone. Once you stop using it at night, it’s easier to keep from using it when you get back home.

Jessica Q.
I always make sure I have something to do before bed that doesn’t involve my phone – read a book before brushing my teeth, or shower and then spend time doing my skincare routine, maybe do a nice stretch or yoga session for a quick 10 mins, anything at all really that means you put your phone down first!

Carrie Q.
I've taken the unplug and disconnect seriously. I've added in the suggested evening time rituals to help me wind down. Reading has helped me relax a lot. I do, however have to be careful what I'm reading as I tend to get into the book.

Nanna C.
You could start to read a book for ten minutes before you go to sleep, this could reduce your screen time because you are relaxing but the blue ligh isn't telling your body it's day time. It could help you get to sleep quicker aswell. Hope this helped, it definitely helped me. Xx

Raquel F.
Replace it with something else. Turn your Wifi and data off, put it on silent. I've replaced mine with reading, I also have a baby so that keeps me away from it.

Terri N.
Put it down and in another room, you dont need your phone in the evening, if you feel compelled to get it and use it question your motices for it

Joshua E.
Set my alarms early so that I don’t have to look at my phone and try and turn tv off at a set time each night so I fall asleep easier.

El I O.
Finish up on all conversations and things that are a must in your phone like reminders etc, turn your data off so your not distracted but anything or simply turn your phone off at a certain time before going to bed therefor there is no temptation

Tonanzin N.
I keep my phone on silent. Only the important calls from my immediate family have ringtones at night. Just turn off the sound and forget about it. Your phone will still be there in the morning.

Georgie O.
I go to bed a bit earlier and put a podcast or audiobook on for 30-60 minutes and listen to that while I try and sleep. It helps me chill out while still sort of having something to do rather than just lying there thinking. I quite often fall asleep before its finished too.

Fiona Q.
Put it in another room when you’re winding down to bed and switch to reading a book instead. And automatically set it to do not disturb mode at a certain time.

Clifton E.
A real alarm clock helps a lot. I can put my phone away from my bed, out of reach. I make a chamomile or peppermint tea and curl up in bed with a book instead. I also go to bed early enough that I have time to relax and fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

Lilla G.
Just set an alarm and go offline at least 1 hours before going to sleep. Put the phone away from the bed that helps not to hang on it before going to sleep and after waking up

Celestine Z.
For me I normally look at my home screen see which apps have notifications on then I go app by app until they’re clear. Then it’s easier to put down you’re phone. Or put on a film on the tv at low volume and put it on a sleep timer you can’t look at both and it’s easier to put a phone down than turn of a tv (in most cases).
Hope this helps.

Thea W.
Cold turkey. You just have to pick a time every night where you say “I’m done”. Do this every day, and eventually it will become easier put it away “for good” earlier in the evening.

Bruce Y.
i honestly am really bad at this myself. But for me it was helpful to chat with a friend of mine and we agreed to turn off our phones together. Which means that we facetimed and then we were like 3…2…1… off! And it kind of helped.
Another trick is to have something else to do instead of being on Social Media like listening to an audiobook.
I hope this was helpful…
P.S. nobody is perfect

Oliver P.
Plug in your phone across the room. That way you have to make an effort to use it. Then pick a good book to read and give yourself at least 30 with it.

Alexander B.
Try to find something calming that you like to do like reading a book, taking a bath, do a puzzle, etc. Hope this helps!

Katrina Q.
I myself had a hard time with this one, the only way I achieved results was saying no phone use after 6pm unless it was a call or txt from a friend of family- no email no social media and if you feel the need to use it, put a mediation app on your phone and use it solely for that purpose. They make a lot of nice ones to help with sleeping 👍 good luck to you

Ruby A.
Plug it in across the room from your bed or at least out of reach. Not only will it help you not touch it while trying to sleep, but it will also make it easier to not just roll over and hit snooze on your alarm in the morning. Most people don't have time to set a healthy morning routine because they sleep in and don't leave themselves enough time. Snoozing will put your body into sleep inertia which will actually make you feel more tired through out the day as well. (Research sleep interia to learn more)

Louison S.
Find a better use of that time. It can be anything you enjoy. I personally like to read or meditate. Just as long as you stay away from your phone.

Sarah N.
When it’s around 6,I shower and eat and get myself ready for the next day. But when I have to go to bed, I always read or plan my week before bed.

Bernarda A.
I have the same issue too. I plan to give myself something to look forward to at night like a good book and a Beauty routine and listen to music before I leave my phone away from the bed.

Ashley N.
I’ve been leaving mine in another room. I go to bed at 10:30, and at 10 I plug it in in the kitchen and then go to bed at 10:30. It stays downstairs. I just use a standard alarm – they’re not expensive. The first few times is tough – you want to just go and get it, especially if you can’t sleep. But stick with it – I’ve unplugged for a fortnight now and I feel so much better for it.

Sarah I.
Put refreshments eys drops…you'll be forced to shut everything and surrender to your sleep call 🙂 … Its good for your eyes too !

Ma Ly C.
It was difficult at first, but I charge my phone overnight in a room that is not the bedroom. When I am ready for bed, I plug it in and leave it. I keep a book that is easy to put down and pick up on my nightstand to keep my mind occupied. I use my watch for an alarm instead. Like I mentioned, it was difficult at first, but now I find it so freeing. I sleep much better and fall asleep faster.

Isabella Q.
Set a time to put away your phone (an hour before you plan on sleeping) and put it on do not disturb. There’s also a setting to limit the apps you can go on past a certain time. Then, put it across the room and lay down. You won’t want to get up to check little things so then you fall asleep easier. You also wake up easier to an alarm cause you have to get up.

Aubree A.
Most phones have a setting where you can activate down time. Pick a time, at that time you will receive a notification telling you to power down. It will not let you use any apps except for the phone incase of emergency however if you need you can ignore your limit. It simply encourages you to power down and get ready for bed.

Rachel S.
What personally works for me is to put your phone on charge and switch it off (I have an alarm clock so i dont need it on my phone)
And for 30 mins just read to take your mind off it