How do I disconnect and unplug from electronics when I use the fabulous app on my phone up until the time I fall asleep?

Harper Z.
This is exactly a question I have! What I do is click “disconnect and unplug” last thing before I start disconnecting. It’s the last thing I do on my phone.
Witold O.
I go to ‘Settings’ and put downtime for the time I want to disconnect and unplug. You can choose which app you do and don’t want so during downtime, I block all social media but allow Fabulous
Geetika F.
You can use phone for ur fabulous routine.. stop using social media and after night ritual. Put the phone on no disturb or on aeroplane mode. In the morning ur alarm will wake you up
Shabi N.
My recommendation is to use an app that will block any other app you want to disconnect from. Or make it block everything except for fabulous. That way you can unplug from everything else. They also have strict mode settings so that once activated they can't be deactivated until the set time.
I use one called "stay focused". But there are several.
Bradley O.
Set your phone so that it will go to greyscale from a particular time before your bed time. This will make you lose interest in viewing anything as black and white do not make for the most attract and dynamic viewing. This should help.
Assem N.
Any tips on disconnecting in the morning? My biggest issue with waking up is that I lie in bed and spend so much time in the phone and rush through. How do you disconnect in the morning?
Talia Q.
I find the concept of disconnecting more about disconnecting yourself from stress triggers and unnecessary technology use such as TV and social media. I make sure that my phone is used strictly for the Fabulous app sounds so that I can listen and meditate for half an hour. Other than turning it off right before I go to sleep, I have no other contact with my phone.
Diana F.
If you know you will do everything that is planned for the very evening, you can check it earlier. Otherwise, you can do it the next morning. It’s possible to go back.