what have you done to disconnect and unplug?

Juanita A.
While I own two business so I can’t fully disconnect. I turn my phone on do not disturb and give my employees a heads up so they know to call twice is necessary. Then I take an hour or so to read, walk or just enjoy my surroundings!
Enora C.
I leave my phone in the living room at night while I’m sleeping in my bedroom. It helps me sleep undisturbed and more soundly.
Lester B.
I get ready for bed, usually stretch/do a little yoga to wind down, and read a chapter or two out of a book before finally hitting the hay
Tristan U.
I left my phone in my room and went outside to play with my kids. We laid down in the grass and looked at all the stars ✨ taking time and noticing the nature around me.
Ruben Q.
I have tried to separate my time before and after with meditation, I know that after meditating I can’t touch my phone or any devices. It doesn’t have to be meditation, you can just breathe and put away any distractions.
Courtney Z.
Ok I am normally hooked to my phone before bed so I decided to set all my stuff like reminders etc… earlier so I don’t use it as an excuse to touch my phone I have started doing night exercises and speaking to my family more without having my head stuck to my phone and a little meditation
Dorina S.
I have made it easy to access Black and White mode on my iPhone. When i’m Ready to unplug, I turn that on. It makes my phone much less appealing.
Justine P.
I disconnect all communication like Wi-Fi, 4G etc. because most of the social channels rely on internet so I don’t get disturbed by it. My phone is just available for emergency calls and texts.