How do you overcome phone addiction

Katzenjammer P.
This, I think — was called fear of missing out. Just forget about your phone and social media (try doing a one month experiment and let go of your phone. Replace it for journaling. If you use your phone for work, then consider getting a different number and use the phone exclusively for work, within working hours. I canceled my cable and Internet for a year to overcome addiction and I proved to be more resourceful than I thought — I ended up going out more, hanging out with friends, using the Wi-Fi connection from cafés and libraries, and so on. 📵
Tiffany Z.
Truly, that's a tough question to answer…I think that we need to choose to be present, that we need to live intentionally and not allow ourselves to be highjacked by social media and all of the unhealthy facades that are pedaled to us as reality. The life you are living is real. RIGHT NOW is real.Give yourself a time limit, perhaps 30 minutes to an hour if needed per day, to access your phone, news, social media, etc…and then be present in the now so that you can create and live a real life that you can be proud of. With this new found time on your hands, I know that you'll accomplish great things!
Maritta Y.
Let go of your phone for an hour or two, life’s is not stopping because you put for phone down.
You should enjoy a day without technology, write a letter, read a book, bring your imagination to another level, the one you can create with your every day learning. Travel a day, walk for a month, swim for a year. Relaxe your body and soul, in order to be more centered.
Abby J.
Use an app like Forest to spend more time off your phone and doing other things. Ask one of your friends to hold you accountable and even make a rule to not use your phone while in bed.
Emma F.
Put your phone on app limits, don't go on it for two hours after you wake up and two hours before you sleep. Turn off app notifications. It's a mental change