Do you consider reading a book on an iPad or Kindle disconnecting and unplugging?

Virginia Z.
I do not, but it is the lesser of two evils. I can see using a tablet when the larger fonts is easier to read. I am experimenting because of the lighting and font sizes is not comfortable enough for me to read a book. At the moment I am using Google Books read me a book out loud. So, that too is not entirely unplugging. Books are important, it great to get into them any way is comfortable for you. Enjoy.
Jacob P.
I personally read mu books through my laptop or my phone but I think it’s lot better to read book like the old fashion times
Matthew Z.
Maybe. If I were in this situation I would turn the blue light filter on, and turn down the brightness as low as possible. Additionally, consider downloading the book and turning on airplane mode. that way, theres no distractions, no disruptions to your sleep! What i do is put on an audiobook while I'm showering so I knock out two parts of my evening routine at once.
Rachel J.
I do on a kindle. Whilst still technically a screen, the blue light isn’t as bad. I wouldn’t read on an iPad though, as this definitely disrupts my sleep!