How do you stay motivated or consistent when it comes to trying to lose weight?

Selma C.
I think to myself "If you don't do this, you won't be happy, and if your not happy then you won't do this." This makes me believe that I can do the change. I can change the way I look. I do it because I WANT to, not because anyone tells me to do it. Every time I work out, go for a run or go to the gym, I tell myself that if I do another 20minutes, I will treat myself. It could be a skincare routine that evening, a movie night with a friend or even something as simple as a healthy salad or food you enjoy. No matter how small that thing is or how much it means to you, if you focus on that one thing, it will get you motivated and energised. I hope this helped <33 🙂
Elagia Y.
It depends a lot on the environment and staying consistent in the daily routine of sports, intermitent fasting and healthy eating. These things help me to progress in losing weight.
Rutendo T.
I remind myself why I began the journey in the first place, and envision what it feels like to live a healthy and vibrant life.
Kaitlyn Q.
Honestly, just maintaining a routine seems to be helping me and motivating me more than anything. At the moment I am not very worried about how I eat, but I am very motivated to get to the gym as much as possible because I really would love to see improvements with my physical health and physical look. Anyway, I find that if I’m consistent, I enjoy these things much better because I am in control of my life.