What are some ways i can put the phone and electronics down without checking it?

Sabrina Q.
Out of site out of mind for sure. You can try to set yourself a time goal; for example start with a half hour 2 or 3 times a day and go up to an hour after a few days or so. Having a hobby also helps, one that doesn’t require a plug ie reading, knitting, drawing, colouring. Also set a goal for this ie I want to read this many pages and commit to finishing it before you can check any devices.
Britt E.
Turn on Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, or turn your phone off and put it in a drawer/ask someone to hide it. Then replace it with something else- read, write, brush your teeth, have a cup of tea or milk.
Frank S.
I can leave it in another room while working on a task. Set a timer. Take a shower/bath. Start with a few minutes and work up to a longer time.