What are some ways i can put the phone and electronics down without checking it?

Britt Rogers
Turn on Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, or turn your phone off and put it in a drawer/ask someone to hide it. Then replace it with something else- read, write, brush your teeth, have a cup of tea or milk.

Frank Fisher
I can leave it in another room while working on a task. Set a timer. Take a shower/bath. Start with a few minutes and work up to a longer time.

Sabrina DG
Out of site out of mind for sure. You can try to set yourself a time goal; for example start with a half hour 2 or 3 times a day and go up to an hour after a few days or so. Having a hobby also helps, one that doesn’t require a plug ie reading, knitting, drawing, colouring. Also set a goal for this ie I want to read this many pages and commit to finishing it before you can check any devices.