What part of your phone triggers you most to pick up your phone?

Eric F.
Maybe whatsapp or tiktok cause when i open whatsapp i am always afraid of people that spreaded rumours about me and thats just scary and when i hear a notification about it i look as fast as i can and tiktok: i just love tiktok and i cant stop watching what other people do AND THAT can actually make you insecure i am pretty insecure about my belly even if it doesnt have much belly fat but that TikTok girls just make you insecure this was my reply on your comment💝 have a nice day
Michael T.
It is a phantom limb at this point. I will pick it up out of habit, not for a particular purpose sometimes. Although I do hate having notifications, and compulsively clear them – I also have a bit of FOMO about it if I try to turn notifications off. It’s a disaster!
Alvin F.
I don’t have any major social media apps, but I have Pinterest and YouTube. I typically scroll through those in my free time and then time flys by and I realize how much time I spend on it.
Desra N.
Thank you for your question. What tiggers me the most to pick up my phone is when I see all the notifications. In my mind I’m thinking that I have to answer all of them to get rid of the stress when it really is stressing me TO get through all of the numbered notifications instead. I consciously have to remind myself to let it go. Focus on the present not the future. Thank you for letting me share.