How do you manage your screen time better?

Matteo P.
Strict schedule of not using cellphone one hour prior to my bedtime (Trust me I try), start with reading books before bed (no matter how cliche that sounds – it actually works; alternatively try listening to podcasts/audiobooks)
Zeilane P.
i put my own screen time restrictions on which makes me keep track of how long i have been on my phone even if i can turn the restrictions off
Olivia Q.
I still spend so much time on my laptop and cellphone :/ and am not satisfied with it ! It bothers me really ! I know it’s a bad habit and i should stop it !
Tomas Q.
Hmmm if it were to use to this app, set a timer for about 10 minutes? Then place your phone in another room or outside your room so that you can avoid using it. Occupy yourself with something such as reading, stretching
Birgid P.
Spend less time on it, & you'll want to do it less, especially if you replace with enjoying the outdoors or talks with friends