What do you do on nights you cannot sleep? I have disconnected from technology but I can’t seem to disconnect from my mind.

Miki M.
I can sleep almost every night ever since I changed my night time routine. So I take a warm shower, brush my teeth, wash my face while listening to calming music. I continue to listen to it while I write down what I am thankful for and everything that is on my mind. Then, I read a fun book that will help me disconnect with my stress and worries. I will read for about 20 minutes to an hour. Lastly I do do a sleeping meditation, I usually fall asleep half way through the meditation. My favorite meditation for sleeping is counting while breathing. (For example: breath in..1… breath out…2..) If I don't fall asleep during the meditation, my playlist will go on to one hour of calming rain sound which will help me sleep.
Myracle P.
My suggestion is to set aside time to be on social media if that is your vice. Once your time is up, make a to do list for the next day. Some people may be wound up because they can’t help but think of all the things they must do the next day. Lastly find a good book to read or a journal to write in. I prefer reading a chapter of a book before bed. It allows me to escape to a new place and also helps me to relax for sleep.
Jenn U.
Have a cup of herbal tea. Chamomile is a favorite, but I also love passionflower and valerian. Traditional Medicinals and Celestial Seasons teas are available at most grocery stores.
Erin F.
Don't worry, lots of people get like that. The "darker and quieter" part of your routine will help a lot… What I do is get as cozy as if I am going to go to sleep, but instead just relax in the complete or nearly complete darkness and kind of chill, allowing myself to not really think of anything or if I do, acknowledge the thought and move on. Just the idea of being able to relax but not have to go to sleep is so dang freeing! It really takes the pressure off, and sometimes I get so cozy and relaxed that I nod off accidentally! A cup of chamomile or peach tea before bed also helps to calm down. Just don't be too hard on yourself, and if you can't sleep but you're in bed, consider the calm, quiet moment a treat and just relax, like you're at a spa. Good luck!
Khira U.
When I can’t sleep sometimes, I try to clear my mind. At first, it’s always complicated as I usually have a lot of thought coming and going but I try to focus on the positive ones.

Thinking of positive things that I’ve done or that happened to me fill me up with gratitude and being merciful calms my mind.

Once I feel like my head is less heavy, I focus on every single muscle of my face and relax them one after another … at this moment I usually start feeling even more lighter and my entire body starts to feel rested and relaxed. No it’s the right moment to sleep …

Timothe Y.
I try to think of mundane things that do not keep my mind active. For example, sometimes I work through the alphabet naming someone I know for each letter, or I will gently count my breathing.