how do i stay away from my phone im addicted to playing my phone games

William X.
Find a person to be your partner for this challenge. Instead of playing games on your phone, you can text for friend whenever you’re feeling the need to engage with games. Your friend can be your accountability partner.

Another thing to do is get a book you’ve been wanting to read. Pick up your book whenever you feel the urge to play games. You’ll finish the book in no time!

Liam S.
Delete all of your games right now. No matter how much you do not want to. And if you have an iPhone, set limits under Settings > Screen Time. 1- It will remind you to stop using your phone. 2-It will also tell you which apps besides games are feeding your phone addiction. Consider deleting those apps too.
Chlo S.
This is a really hard question to answer. I am as you addicted to my phone games, and it takes way too much time of my day when I should be doing other things like cleaning and playing with my child. My latest strategy is to just go “cold turkey”, so I’ve erased the games from my phone, but I know that I can always get them back, and I don’t think that is a good thing, it makes it easy to relapse. And in my journal I log how many days I’ve been without gaming, and that’s something that keeps my spirits up. I also write “It was good of me as an act to myself not to play games today.” And last I would like you too think of what it is that makes you want to play? In my case in is an escape from doing things I should be doing that I think is boring and also an escape from anxiety and stress. Try to think of something else to do that aren’t addictive and that is stimulating and fun. Good Luck!