How do you disconnect and remain mindful and grateful?

Cathrin R.
I have a sliding wardrobe door that I have covered in photos of the people closest to me. It keeps me grateful and level in my life. Reminds me of what I'm doing everything for and drives me to be the best. The people that I want to make proud.
Yann E.
By turning off tv and podcasts, I can focus on my mind. Then, I can really commit to the process of being grateful. By not rushing through it I can be more thorough and truthful with myself.
Slawomir N.
First, I write in a journal every night about my day and if it was good or bad. Every night I do a meditation before I go to bed, whether on this app, or another meditating app. Then I plug in my electronics and shut them completely down.
Gunar X.
Disconnect from your phone and start thinking about good stuff and people that you are grateful of. And most important think about what good have you done today.
Michelle Q.
Star from meditation every morning. Think about gratitude. Think about the day what you really want to accomplish. Finish those tasks first then meditation again to feel gratitude again
Zofia X.
Disconnect by turning off WiFi on my phone. If I am on the laptop I would turn it off at my set time, which for now is 8:30, although that may be too early. Then I also will put my
Morgane Q.
I set an alarm to stop what I am doing. Then I make sure my phone has with fi turned off. I do not get on my laptop. My husband usually is watching TV, and this can be the most difficult thing, to stop watching. I do have something ibn my routine to st
Tommy S.
It is not easy, but a cup of nice soothing tea, a nice book do help. I also take magnesium supplements for the muscle relaxation. It makes me sleepy too.