What do you usually do when you disconnect? I get bored and don’t know what to fill my time with.

Caleb P.
When I disconnect from my devices I look for chores to do. Like if I haven’t done my laundry or the house needs cleaned. I also find some books to read that I find interesting.
David S.
Hey good morning soo for me I usually put my phone in the other room and lay down so far I do this around 9:30 – 9:45 and I usually put the TV on to watch me fall asleep 😴 😅 lol im only in 3 days but it has worked like a charm so far
Bettina Z.
I take deep breathe and I reflect on how my day went and think of my plans for the next day.. It's give me peace somehow and I sleep off
Eveline O.
Good question. When I get bored, sometimes I lose myself. Reorganising your living space helps me stay motivated, also doing a workout whether it’s going to the gym or even a 10-20 minute workout. If you have chores or anything you have to do but told yourself to do later, get
Harold E.
I usually enjoy playing/listening to music. Reading a book is really great too (I'm reading the Hobbit again, it's a great way to relax and connect to the more whimsical side of me. Comics are good as well, Judge Dredd is a favorite of mine.) If I'm feeling antsy, I hop on my bike and go for a… whatever the biking equivalent of stroll is. Or just a stroll, that works too.