What time should I start winding down? I usually go to bed around 9 pm.

F Bio E.
I should go to bed as soon as I can. Maybe you Are not tired, but When you JUST lay to the bed, that feeling Is so comfortable. You shouldnt be on the phone or on laptot… You should JUST lay, And for example read a book if you aren't tired.

Emil X.
I recommend winding 15minutes down before you go to bed so that way you have time to give you more time to get your body to relax

Britt V.
Winding down I would say for a 9pm bed time say 8pm. Gives you enough time to have a shower, do your nightly routine and get in pjs grab a nice book or listen to music and jump into bed

Arya F.
I go around 11
because I go to gym at 8 finish at 9 and get to home around 10
from 10 to 11 I do some streches and brushing my teeth and sleep at 11

Nikolaj P.
It's good to start thinking and getting ready for bed around 1 hour before actually going to sleep. For example, I try to get to bed at 9:30, however I would do my bedtime routine at 8:30. Another thing, after getting ready for bed (However long this takes) don't go back to screens but read. Or do something that will calm you down.

Irina Q.
Most 1 hour before as it gives you enough time to get off your phone and get little work done such as settling down and getting ready to call it a night

Valentina T.
I think 1-2 hours is great. I’ve heard a productivity coach say he follows the 3-2-1-bed rule. No food 3 hours before bed, no work 2 hours bed bed, no screen 1 hour before bed.

Jer Nimo Q.
In my day-to-day i can't go to sleep before 10pm. Because my routine doesn't work out with my family's. So I usually start to winding down around 10-11pm.

Gabrielle N.
I think 9 pm is a good time to go to bed! It’s not too late, gives you time to watch your TV programs and do everything you need to (unless you have an assignment or such that you need to finish) and it’s a good in-between time to relax and get into a good sleep headspace. Keep going as you are – it’s sounding great!

Ovi X.
I find 8 a right time or 8.30, try to read a book or do a hobby that relaxes you in bed bu try not to use any device. I like read or embroider before bed.

Emma S.
If you go to bed at 9 pm then you should start winding down at eight. At 8:00pm you should turn off all tvs, phones, tablets etc and do something like reading, drawing tidying, etc. For about half an hour. If you have a nightime facial routine then do that for however long and then listen to some calming music before going to bed.

Ava V.
I have usually done it 45-60 minutes before bed and I'd recommend that to you too. I'd recommend you try reading (I like comics and detective books a lot), drawing, meditate, playing games (with no electronics like cards or snake & ladders), stretch and exercise or anything really which doesn't involve a digital screen. Use the rest of the time to brush and floss 🙂 hope this helps

Stephanie G.
I recommend winding down around 8:20-8:30. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself for bed and stop all the things you can do in the morning.

B J.
What if you tired starting to wind down around 7pm?
Make sure your food is cooking for dinner, take a shower, do any night time rituals, take care of other needs. This way you have 2 whole hours before bed to prepare your mind for rest…

Efrosini P.
It is actually a great time for going to sleep . Your sleep schedule depends on the time you wake up ..! If you need to be asleep at least at 9 then I will recommend you to be in bed around 8:30 but do not use any devices just try to relax and let your body get comfortable.

Ottomar Z.
Start to relax at 8, put your phone and any electronics away at half 8. This is easy as I go to bed around the same time. And read for half an hr maybe

Bella G.
I would start about 8; prepare for the next day then unplug from electronics by 8:45 so you can begin to relax and truly unwind.

Avery F.
I’d say around 8:00 o’clock because it gives you lots of time to start a night routine and not using technology 1hr before you sleep will improve sleep quality.

Francoise F.
You could go bed around 9 or 10 pm and make sure you always rise up before sunrise. This is because a good night sleep is important for you to have a fresh start of your next day.

Anne O.
Around 8 pm, take time for skincare, stretching, flossing, drinking water and finally falling asleep which takes around 15 minutes

Oscar Z.
I would say an hour and a half. In the first 30mins get all the things you want to do on your phone done, like put your alarms, last check on social media, etc. So by the time you hit that hour before bed you aren't on your phone which will help with your sleep. It'll also give you time to do your night time routine or read a book or anything that doesn't involve technology.

Eleanor X.
Check the time you decide to sleep and actually the time you sleep. For me, when I decide to sleep it takes at least 3 hours to sleep. Therefore, 3 hours before I do everything needs to be done such as wash my dishes, prepare my clothes for tomorrow, check my phone, and wear my pyjamas. And go to bed 1 hour -30 mins before my actual sleep time. And listen wind down podcast

Louison A.
At least one hour before 9pm do relaxing things to destress before sleep, read book shower slow music talk with a friend , my favorite reflecting on your day about your character towards others and self .

Neko C.
you should start winding down at 8 and no later then that, that way you have an hour to chill and have some time for yourself.

Louanne Z.
i think 9 pm is the perfect time ! i go to bed at 9 pm too i start getting ready for bed at 8:30 so i think that’s a great time!

Hannah Z.
Its a good time and I usually go to bed at around 10pm but not later than 11 pm because I have a tendency to stay awake until midnight. During quarantine I started to adjust my sleeping schedule,I had a hard time adjusting but time flies I got used to it. Unplug everything and you can also meditate to relax your body and mind.

Isabella C.
You should start winding down from 8pm, so you can go to bed more relaxed, and the next morning, you will wake up more energetic. Just don't watch social media, start reading a book or, if you want to, watch netflix 🙂

Mathias C.
I usually go to bed around 10:30-11pm as that’s when my body begins to get tired and that’s when I’ve finished my nightly routine and getting ready for bed

Chloe E.
9pm is a good time especially if that’s a usual thing. I personally would kill to move my bedtime up but i usually go to bed around 10/10:30.

George U.
I think 60-90 minutes is perhaps best for me, as it take me a while to truly wind down. There's always lose ends to tie up, things to pack for the morning, messages to respond to. That can easily eat into the winding-down time.