I have a hard time letting go of my phone at night, what are some suggestions to keep me off of it throughout the night?

Kalkidan N.
Replace the time on your phone with something you enjoy whether it’s a night time stretch or a good book. Also make it a physical choice. For example if you want to disconnect by 11:00 tell yourself that by 10:50 you gotta start closing out conversations and closing apps. Then at 11:00 remove your phone from your physical space. I have a hard time with this too 😬. Good luck and don’t give up 💕🙏 Jesus loves you 💕
Henry N.
I put my phone downstairs, plugged in, so that it’s too far away to bother with the trouble of getting it if I am restless. Not having any tech in my room (well, besides my watch in dnd mode and my kindle) has really helped my sleep
Tag G.
Think of it like a job you drive home from or a desk you leave at work. Pick a time at night that you will “leave work” and shut the phone off completely. Do not sleep with it in your bedroom. Do not keep it in the room with you where you will be in the evening.
Izzie U.
Just have all checked off. I cleared off a lot of apps from my screen, so only check the main ones around 9pm and I say this is it. Good bye, see you tomorrow. Only starting this now, but last night was great, really felt like I got a good nights sleep. So really looking forward to it again 😴😊
Christian Y.
I have the same problem. Some of my app are addicting 🙂 Here are some things that I do to help me put my phone away before I sleep.

1) Lower the brightness so your eyes can adjust to the darkness.
2) End any conversation you are having with someone via text or phone call.
3) Logout of any social media so you won't be distracted.
4) Close any apps or tabs you have left open.
5) Put your device on silent so you won't be disturbed with any messages.
6) Shut your phone down completely so it won't be easy for you to turn it on in the middle of the night.
7) Plug your device in a spot high up so you won't be able to reach it until you fully wake up in the morning or afternoon. Like a night-stand or a desk.
8) Find a comfortable spot or position in your bed and relax. Your body will drift into sleep

Cynthia X.
Hey Girlfriend, I have the same troubles too! I like to keep my phone on a dresser Away from my bed. I get too comfy and don’t want to get up to get it. Another way is to buy a sleeping mask, I’ve notice the darker my room is the more chance I will doze off faster.. Hope this helps out!