How can I fight the urge to pick my phone back up and watch one more YouTube video or read one more article?

Rosalie X.
You only take action when you have a strong reason to do so. If you are pushing yourself somewhere you don't want to be, you'll resist. So work out what your goals are, how you're going to achieve them, and make a step by step, day by day plan. Review it at the start of each day to commit to the action you're going to take that day. It keeps it at the forefront of your mind, to remind you why you need to put the phone down. And when you get that right, you don't even want to be on the phone.
Remember too that you also need to take time out for yourself, and sometimes a 30 minute YouTube session is a good reward for achieving what you set out to do.
Ava F.
Make it part of your routine to put down your phone. For instance, an hour before bedtime, I walk my phone to another room and plug it in. This signals to me that it’s time to read and disconnect from screens.
Karen J.
I struggle with this too, i try to start my evening routine and after i do my skin care for the evening. I read, meditate or do yoga and that keeps me occupied until bedtime.
Laura O.
Well…. When the phone is in your hand. It's quite impossible… I think. So. Maybe use your phone everywhere else than in your bed. And when you go to bed one of the thing is to close it and put it near but never touch it while in the bed. Do something you like. Write. Read. Meditate. Listen to relaxing music (playlist not on the phone). Now I never feel trapped in a loop.