with so many things on the phone like alarms, reminders, texts, tasks, this app being on your phone how have you found a way to truly unplug before you sleep

Eliana N.
I make sure the room is dark and that I am comfortable. I read my book so that I can take time out from the real world and soon it makes me so relaxed that I have to put the book down. I then make sure that I am comfortable again and try to turn my mind off.
Suzanne B.
I guess I have cut down. I use this app and use my phone for ambient sleep music and read before bed. Not really unplugged I guess. Progress. My aim is to set everything an hour or so before bed.
Karla C.
Reading and guided meditation are the last two things I do before bed. While I'm using my phone for both (soft, relaxing music while reading), it's done in a way to further calm me down vs. cause more anxiety, such as when I read the news or scroll through social media. If/when I can completely cut phone use I will, but for now it's difficult.
L O C.
I've set an alarm for about 30 min before the actual alarm, to remind me that I'll have to finish soon. Then, when the alarn goes off at 23:00 I'm ready to completely unplug, or I've already done it earlier. Then, when the alarm goes off, I stop everything, put it all as far away as possible, go shower, do my "before bed" routine, and head off to bed.
Udhaya O.
It's an everyday struggle since I'm very active in social media and I also stay alone which leaves me no other option than to use my social media to connect with people. But once you prioritize your sleep and understand how much it is important, you'll have to stop using it . Though the first few days are difficult, it'll get into a habit. And the next thing is, I always use social media to know what's happening around and to gain knowledge too. So since now I know what's taking me back again and again, I make sure I read a lot to compensate to what I might be missing. Also I've started incorporating the habit of reading newspaper( or at least trying) , I believe it'll keep me informed. Making a separate time for social media , let's say one hour a day and sticking to it might also help.