How do you avoid using your phone before you go to bed?

Ellie Y.
I don’t do this well. On my more successful days, I open a book. This often makes me fall tired more quickly. On not so good days, I plug my phone in across the room to charge so that I cannot reach for it. Unfortunately it is my alarm clock so it always comes back to my bedside at some point, but I find that nights where it starts off at a distance have me falling asleep more easily, and I feel more refreshed than on days where I fall asleep with it in hand.
Bertha W.
I am learning to avoid using my phone before bed by putting it on Do Not Disturb mode and allowing exceptions only for the alram to go off. Putting it out of sight also helps me to have to get out of bed to answer the alarm in the morning which makes sure I don't stay in bed and can start my day off right and on schedule.