How to convince myself to not keep my mobile in the bedroom at night?

Esther N.
I used to watch stuff on my mobile phone in the bedroom at night, but i started to read books. Not only books, maybe I used phone, then read and then phone. It was a steps processo for me. Now i need to read for sleep 😂
It's hard at the begin. Don't worry, keep going!
Oscar P.
It is so much better for your health to keep the phone away from where you sleep. The radiation is not good for you and it is a distraction which can delay or interrupt your sleep. If it’s easier start by putting it a further distance away from you. Maybe charging on an outlet on the other side of the room.
Leo J.
An alarm is more efficient of waking you up in the morning than a phone that gives you instant distraction, it's best to just leave your phone in another room. When you wake up in the morning you can grab your phone – if you want – and then check it, you won't miss anything that's more important than you missing a good night of rest! However, if you REALLY need your phone with you in your bedroom then I recommend use air plane mode or do not disturb mode so that no notifications can bother you. I hope it helps in some way! You can do it ❤
Nichal S.
Best thing is to put it on charge in another room and set your alarm – then when it goes off in the morning, you’ll have to get out of bed to go and turn it off
Josina Z.
If your phone has this option, setting your phone to go on “Do Not Disturb” at a specific time every night is help. I also try to devote even 5 mins to sit and meditate before bed, which forces me to keep my phone out of my face. I put some like 6 hr meditation music on and I’m good. Right after, I turn my phone on airplane mode and go to sleep. Another thing I try to do is to put it in my night table drawer if I feel like it’s distracting me during the day, especially when I was studying. If I didn’t see it, I wasn’t as tempted to open it!
Elaine U.
First step get an alarm clock then you don’t have the excuse of using your phone as one. Second try using a ‘do not disturb’ feature (if your phone has one) to ease yourself into it. This will stop notifications during a certain time period. I suggest setting it for 20 minutes before you go to bed and for 20 after you normally wake up. Finally once you’ve realised that actually your phone isn’t a bedroom necessity, you can begin by leaving it outside your bedroom door and every night gradually leave it further away from your bedroom. Good luck!
Andreas N.
Start by replacing any reason to have your phone. Need an alarm? Use a clock. Need music? Use a cd/music player. Keep your charger in another room and leave your phone charging when you go to bed. In the morning, go and find your phone and celebrate that you spent a night apart, this will make it easier to keep it away every night.
Jimmie F.
Well you have to think about what you value more. Is getting uninterrupted rest and feeling energetic the next day worth the sacrifice of you not using your cellphone before you sleep?

Another way to think about it – we’re constantly surrounded by devices all day, everyday. It may take some adjustment first but, you’ll find that reserving some devise-free time every day can be therapeutic.

Leanne X.
Workout what on your phone you really need. The alarm, meditation music or a light. Find other things to replace the need and you won't have to convince yourself. There will be no need for it. Also set up a charging station somewhere else in the house and you will know where your phone goes at night time.
This may help to break the habit
Niomie G.
This is a hard one for me also, as I work away, and live most of the month in a donga. I have been following the unplugged habit and go and sit in the common area to wind down from work. Come back to my room and leave my phone on the fridge so that I have to get out of bed to turn off my alarm.
Kiki N.
Well it’s a little bit easier for me. I have a 3 month old baby so after I get her down at night, I finish my nightly routine which doesn’t leave room for my phone.
Curtis W.
Try it for a week and see how you find it. I would expect the first two nights to be uncomfortable but that's because it's different. I've found that sometimes I need to treat myself like a child; talking kindly to myself about the things I would want if I were my own child.
It's bizarre but it really works. There is no way I would allow a child a mobile in their bedroom, especially if I thought they might disrupt their sleep with it! What would you say to you if you were a child?
Skye U.
Get a shorter charger so you can’t reach your phone while laying in bed, think about the way you feel in the morning. Does your head or eyes hurt, more tired, unproductive or motivated? I also like to set my do not disturb to turn on at certain times so that way I can set my phone down away from me and not have the urge to pick it up every time I get a notification.
Vicki P.
I don't know whether this was the sort of reply you wanted to get, but I think the most important thing is not necessarily to not have your phone in the room, but to have the strength and the willpower to tell yourself not to look at it or pick it up or check it all the time. Put it somewhere in your bedroom where you can't easily reach it. Not by the bed but maybe on top of a drawer or something. Tell yourself you can do this. Overcome your weaknesses.
Mitchell Z.
Whenever you get convinced that it will affect your sleep and decrease your anxiety level i bet it is enough for you to get convinced. We can all start by putting it away and then outside the room at a later stage.
Lilla G.
Buy an alarm clock so and make sure you don't have any reason to have it with you and then it's easier to convince yourself.
Josefine U.
While you are asleep you won’t be able to check for updates anyway.
Having a distance to your phone gives a mental freedom allowing you to connect with yourself, to sleep deeply.
Ra Ssa C.
A única forma de me convencer a não deixar o celular perto da cama na hora de dormir é quando eu realmente estou cansada do dia e deito pra dormir, ou quando pego um livro pra ler antes de fechar os olhos; ou ouvir os sons de chuva e trovão. Tudo isso me deixa menos ansiosa e faz com que eu não queira pegar no celular.
Swantje S.
It's a debate of the carrot or the stick. I know having the phone in the bedroom is bad but I don't respond well to berating myself about not following through on my plan to leave it elsewhere. Instead I would respond better to incentivising it and telling myself I get something nice as a treat if I do the thing I am resisting (even though I know it's good for me). It could be an immediate reward like little bit of choc each day I've had a phone free night. Or it could be turned into a fun challenge like 'if I keep phone out fir 5 consecutive days then I will reward myself with…'
Rachel B.
I think it depends why you feel reluctance to move it (e.g., for the alarm? For safety? Work emails? ) that said, I haven’t moved my phone outside my room. I put it on airplane mode on the very far side of my room. The key for me is that I won’t be woken up, and won’t be able to check it without getting up and walking (unlikely) and there will be no notifications anyway. However, I still need the alarm so I keep it in the room!
Lilla G.
Good question. I tried to charge it on the other side of my room at the beginning but i dont succed in it anymore and its next to my bed again every day.
Solina F.
For this I have an idea which it works for me I keep my mobile in downstairs of my house while my bed room is upstairs and by that my mobile is not close to me😊