How do you manage your overthinking when you can’t sleep at night?

Sergio S.
I dont know…I tell myself that I can figure it out tomorrow. Take a melatonin. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I try and focus on my breathing.
Toieba N.
If u are a person who overthinks a lot like I do personally I have been struggling because of overthinking but let me tell u that what to do if u overthink a lot and can't sleep before going to bed do a brain dump, make a to do list for the next day, also u can journal, and what thoughts come to ur mind and disturb u, u should write them and try to find the solutions immediately also if u have thoughts about it past remember that if u think about and feel guilty or smt else let me tell u past has gone u can't go back and mend things now. And if u think about ur future that is yet to come u should focus on it present so that it future becomes secure if u are a student prepare urself for each and everything (mental as well as emotional) whether it is studies, exams, results.
And u can also listen to podcasts, read books,read inspirational quotes and watch inspirational and motivational vedios, also u can listen to some relaxing sounds and install some apps like I use Sleepa, sleep sounds app that's a very good app also if u want to focus and get distracted by phone or social media u can use forest app I use it it's good.
At last I would like to conclude with a quote :
"Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose".
Martha N.
I practice some deep breathing and count each breath. As thoughts come into my mind or I notice them swirling I try to let one go after every cycle of ten breaths that I count, odds on the inhale and evens on the exhale.
Angela S.
I have developed a nighttime routine that keeps me from overthinking once I'm in bed. Before I go to bed every night, I update my to-do list for the next day. I write in a journal…free flow style about anything that is bothering me, thoughts, whatever. Then I list in a gratitude journal 5 things I'm grateful for. When I get in bed I, I pray, then do a crossword puzzle from a book that I got from the dollar store. I follow that by doing a Sudoku puzzle out of a book I got from the dollar store. I read a real book ( no electronic devices) for 20 minutes. Finally, I will use either my Fitbit app or headspace app to do a night time meditation to go to sleep. The whole routine start to finish, brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed, etc. takes about an hour or so. I also play soft, soothing, instrumental music, and if I think about it have a nice essential oil nighttime sent going while I'm journaling, doing my puzzles and reading. All of this helps my mind and body to get in the frame of mind for bed. I do not touch my phone or any electronic device once I start getting ready for bed, except to turn on the meditation app. I use a soft,headband style headphone that you can sleep in for the meditation so that I do not disturb my husband. It took about a week of doing this consistently for my mind to quiet down at night. However once I did this consistently my mind and body got into the habit of falling asleep before my meditation was even over.
Filippo U.
Focusing on my breathing really helps. I read somewhere that if you can't sleep after 15 minutes to just get up and do something useful until you're tired (like wash the dishes, try to avoid your phone). Sometimes I'll think about getting up and doing a task and that's enough to make my body realise that it is tired after all. White noise is also great as a distraction – I've found I like rain sounds, but there are so many out there for you to explore. Hope this helps!
Tina T.
I remind myself that I cant do anything about it at night. I use breathing meditation. And sleep aid voices such as stories and breathing techniques I find on youtube.
Melekha Z.
When you want to sleep, but there are too many on your mind, try letting it flow through your head giving each thought a confirmation that you will solve or get at it when you're well 🛌. And if they are bad thoughts, try praying or getting someone to convert you. You don't have to tell them the reason if you're not that good at talking about your feelings, but it's always good to try 🙂
Khloe T.
I write down my thoughts and I also write down everything I did today and what stresses me out that is happening tomorrow. I also write down some of my problems and then next to that I write down some solutions
Maurice Z.
I try to think of one specific thing that’s not too complicated. Sometimes I try counting down from 500 in different numbers. Such as counting down from 500 in multiples of 3. I find this distracts me more from my mind wondering than just going down in ones as I have to think about it more.
Inaya E.
I usually like to listen to a sleep hypnosis to calm me down, but sometimes I have to indulge the thought in order to get any sleep.
Stephanie Z.
When I can't seem to stop overthinking and need to get some shut eye, I like to use visualization. I get in a comfortable position and try to relax my muscles from the toes to my facial muscles. Once relaxed I begin to visualize myself alone at the top of a mountain or wherever you feel the most at peace. At first, I am just taking in the scenery. Secondly, I take multiple slow breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Stay as still as possible. Focus on your breathing and nothing else. If I find my mind wondering, I simply bring my attention back to my breathing.
Alyssa C.
I try to turn to other side in bed, if it comtinues I concentrate on my breathing and if it's still hard to fall asleep I write my thought down.
Kasper C.
I try to study at the night to fall in sleep ..but when I fall in my mind and overthinking I try to read a book until sleep
Charbel Z.
Well, i usualy don't. I just try to distract myself by watching my phone or reading, i fall asleep when i'm too tired to be awake!
Wioletta C.
It's a very rare case, but if I can't sleep because of overthinking, I listen to music, something calm like jazz or soul. And try to think about positive memories
Sophia O.
Very difficult but I try to go tech free a few hours before bed … lose myself in a book and fall asleep through reading.

Calming Music always helps me too!