How do you make yourself to go to sleep before 10:30 pm and stop using a phone (checking IG, FB, emails, WhatsApp) before going to sleep?

Krin E.
I focus on little things in the moment that help ground me. I’ll light candles, drink tea, or start a diffuser. Calming sensory activities put me in the moment in a positive way, and then I’m not as interested in social media/phones. I also try to stay away from my phone as a general practice past 9pm. Self care is always a good thing to do before bed. And it helps to a sort of bed time ritual. I also like to take melatonin to make me sleepy. My roommate leaves her phone out of the bedroom entirely. So that’s another option.
Na L Z.
I started using a night time routine from around 10pm. Start off with a shower, then a face cleansing routine followed by reading in bed until I’m tired enough to sleep. So starting off with the shower – there is no option to use my phone there and then I just try not to pick it up again after putting it down.

Since doing this I noticed that I’ve been sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the morning so that helps me to keep it up!

Adam E.
Before I lie down, I prepare everything I need to do with my phone (setting alarm, checking social media etc). Then I plug my phone into the charger and place it so that I can reach it from my bed.

When trying to fall asleep, I focus on relaxing my body, starting at my toes and moving up. When I say focus, I really mean a hardcore focus. I fall asleep almost every time before I reach my stomach.

Juliete A.
I start by noticing where I’m at now. Let’s say I’ve been going to bed at 11 and I want to go to bed at 10:30? I push it back slowly over a week. I start to wind down 45 minutes before and put my phone on its charger which is in another room. And I do a little yoga or talk to my husband or read a book until I’m sleepy.
Sebastian B.
Make a schedule on your phone that rings two hours before 10:30pm. At that time put your phone on plane mode and clean your house ou a part from it, read that book that you’ve been trying to finish for a long time or even play a family/friends game, you can even right down your thoughts and be grateful for what you have achieved today! Always be grateful for where you are because once that was your dream. Anyways, another idea is to set up a timer at IG yo inform you how much time you been using that app during the day, in order to stop using it for the rest of the day. I hope this was helpful and that you will be able to go to bed at 22:30h.
Good luck 🙂
Josephine U.
I put my phone on do not disturb mode from .Bedtime…… to when I wake up . Then I read or listen to some soothing music set on a timer …. then eventually I fall asleep . It’s a ritual that I do and you have to train your mind and body so you can get used to this in a daily basis. On days that I’m tired … boom I’m sleeping before the music ends.