How do I get off electronics?

Mike Y.
You can start with Short periods of time, like 10 minutes and celebrate everytime you achieve what you wanted, congrats yourself and smile to yourself. When you Find yourself wanted to OPEN phone/tv…be aware and ask yourself: do i really need to do it? Why is this important to me? Will know yourself much better and will Find a lot of beautiful things about yourself. Be nice with yourself! You can everything…just start with it now!
Elvira F.
It’s a hard-to-answer question. Try to put a reminder in your calendar, and set it to daily. “Don’t use your phone for 5 hours” is what it should say. There are, obviously, other ways I try to stop using my phone continuosly – like: setting my phone to grayscale mode, or actually control myself. Try looking at your screen time, from time to time, if you have an iPhone. If you’ve got an Android, install an app to monitor your screen time, which shows you how much you’ve used your phone for that day (if there is such an app, if not, it’s gonna be a little harder. You should put on a cronometer etc.). It can be tough to get off your phone when you have nothing else to do. If you have the opportunity to, try parctising a sport, or an activity/excercise. I do horse-riding at least twice a week. Mostly in the weekend, because I’m currently a student and have 9 hours of school. If you can’t, try traveling, or reading. If you think reading is boring, as many people, buy a comic book, or a manga – Japanese anime-style comic book. Success and good luck on your journey!
Mathilde S.
First,you need to set your goal. Then, you block any distraction by turning off your phone. Get yourself out of the house and start looking at your surrounding
Erik P.
Ask yourself if you need it more then real life! Living in the moment without any distraction and influence from outside you never ask for. Let your brain clear up, and you will see that the electronics don't own you, but you own them and does you decide when were and how long. Cheers
Sabrina P.
I lived my childhood before remote controls… it can be done! Use your mind… read a paper book vs an e-book, go for a walk and listen to nature without electronic music… Try!!