Do you unplug your WiFi router at night? How do you monitor your screen time?

Afrina V.
no, it's not enough for me because i've mobile data also. i'm just trying to monitor it by reducing my social media use and uninstalling mobile games. i deleted my original Facebook account and using another one with very few known persons in it's friend list and unfollowed all of them. just kept a few liked pages and groups related to my studies. i'm trying very hard to keep myself away from reinstalling games. i was very much addicted to games. hopefully i'll overcome it soon. thank you.
Kieren F.
No, I just kinda sit at the computer all night making sure I have wife and watch the clock. Everytime the left most numbers change that's an hour, the right most are minutes and then you just add them together.
Ana I.
No, I don't unplug the Wifi Router, I just turn off wifi from my phone. there's a thing in my phone where u can monitor to your screen time