What do you do when: eyes closed, lights off… and suddenly you start thinking about what you have to do tomorrow?

Shawn Z.
I make a list. Be it in paper or on my phone. That way its put of my mind. Then I listen to relaxing music, audiobooks or relaxing podcast to distract my mind and help me rest
Kei X.
This works if you’re sleeping in a safe space. I listen to my heartbeat, focus on every muscle in my body, and try to “let go” of each muscle. Start at your toes (focus and let those muscles go) do the same thing as you work your way up to your head (ears, eye lids). Now slowly count to 100. If I forget which number I’m on or repeat a number, I restart counting from 1 again. I usually fall asleep before I get to 50 but on nights when my mind is racing, I’ll just keep counting 1-100. When I do this, I am letting the numbers wash over my thoughts, not focusing on the actual number. This helps fill my head with something simple and block other thoughts. At this point, my body is gone because I let it go.
Mariam W.
sometimes i planning tomorrow plans and sometimes when I have nothing to do tomorrow i just start movie or series and waching them until I been sleepy
Nikolaj Z.
It depends. If I think that things not too urgent, I just put it aside for while. But if it something that need to be done as soon as possible, I start to think about how I can I complete it, and it will make me a bit difficult to feel sleepy again. Hurm