What is the best way to get rid of social media when you’re away from home in a different country and Facebook is really the only way to connect with them?

Miriam Z.
If Facebook is the only way to communicate with home I wouldn’t completely get rid of it. But try and set yourself a limit (like 2 hours max a day).
James O.
On Facebook you have the option to 'unfollow' everyone.
I have unfollowed everyone except close family and friends who I actually want to talk to.
This also works with groups you're part of. They stay on your account but won't show up on your newsfeed all the time and distract you from your important family.

You could delete the app for Facebook and have to log into the browser page each time.
Over time you may change the habit of being constantly logged in and only check at a certain time of day.

I've also got an app called ActionDash which I can set app time limits. For example I've set my internet browser to 2hrs limit a day so I'm forced to only go on for important things.

Hope this helps.

Konstantijn I.
I would say that just communicating with your family and friends through social media is perfectly fine. This is what the internet is for! Having no social media is just to avoid stress, and to avoid using up time you could be spending doing something better. Just use it wisely!


Christyanna T.
Airplane mode, don't think about how work or family is going, work on you. Be selfish while YOU are on YOUR vacation. The world wont burn down, your work wont collapse into anarchy if you're not there. Everything will be fine because your mental health will make your return all the better.