How can I stop using social medias?

Marsha T.
I can start by deleting the apps off my phone. And by reading a chapter on a book a day so you Can get something off your mind instead of being on social media
Jozef Y.
You can quit cold turkey by deleting all apps from your devices or gradually reduce the time you spend on the sites. I recommend only allowing yourself a set amount of time (45minutes) each day after you’ve completed a task (reading a book, homework, etc). Then reduce the time by 2-5 minutes each week. Good luck!
Raimundo C.
Instead of going through Facebook read a book, make art, listen to music, do a puzzle, sing, go on a walk, call a friend, clean, study, meditate, exercise, just replace it with something else.
Emilia F.
take time for a phone detox! create a box where you can place it so it’s out of reach. challenge yourself to notice how often you pick it up or notice wanting to pick it up. try to keep a book or journal close by if you need to reroute your fidgety hands 😊
Ava Q.
if you want to stop using social media by a certain time, set an alarm on your phone and allow yourself to relax or change the settings on your phone so you can only open the apps at certain time of the day or if you only have WIFI etc. if you have to travel to and from work maybe that is the time you check your socials, if social media is apart of your work, set times that you use your ‘work social media’ such as 9-5, and then you use your personal social media’s from 5-9/10ish before putting your phone down and beginning your evening routine
Alma P.
To stop using social media, it would be helpful to move the apps to a different home screen (you can have multiple). Also, setting a time limit through settings is helpful. (settings-screen time-app limits- add limit)
Erika W.
I have never liked to air my life for people to see. I feel that is what people do with social media. I enjoy small gatherings of family and close friends and an occasional party. I like face to face contact. I don’t enjoy the impersonal and, often, false representation of people’s lives on social media. So, I’m not one to partake in it.
Ralfe F.
Deactivate your social media first, instead of deleting them, and challenge yourself to spend one week without them. When the week finishes, you’ll see the difference and want more of it; then, do the challenge again, for two weeks instead. After it ends, evaluate your disposition and mental health, and if you are ready, make this change for good 🙂
Salvador F.
I’m not sure. Social media creates powerful habit loops. I would read on breaking habits and try to extend those methods.
Nikolaj X.
Put ur phone on do not disturb it helps to not pick up ur phone when ur not on it, it keeps u more focused on ur daily tasks
Anka R.
I think that it you challenge yourself to not use it for three days then you will get used to not using it. So just try to not use it for at least three days.
Cecilie P.
Stop using it at night. Use it in the evening but disconnect to sleep well and turn off my brain. A way to stop using it is set an alarm as to when to disconnect
Valerie S.
Put the app in different places on your phone. Or take the app off your phone. Make yourself sign in with the password when ever you check. Don’t let the computer or phone remember your long and difficult password. Make it harder to login and less automatic. Set an appointment with yourself to check social media twice a day for ten minutes – and that’s it. Set a timer. And then carry a book with you (a hardcover book with paper pages) and every time you feel the urge to pull out your phone for social media, read one or two pages of the book. If you close the book and feel the urge again, then immediately go back to read two more pages.
Mileu S.
What I’ve done is I delete it. If you don’t have access to it then you can’t use it. If you are trying to take a break from it I’d suggest that. However, if you just want to use it less give yourself a time limit and a reward system. If you only spend an hour eat something you like or drive somewhere you like to visit but often don’t.
Bonnie T.
You don’t. You only learn to limit your time and consume social media content responsibly. Recognize the ads, the photoshop, the edits.
Becky Y.
The best way I guess is to disconnect for some time, or to limit yourself. Also, ask yourself, do you really need stop using them entirely? Why do you want that? Not everything about social media is pure evil. For example, connecting with other people can be really fun and encouraging
Samuel Y.
It takes time depending on how attached you have gotten to it. Start off by cutting off a few hours each day on social media. Somewhere between 2-4 hours. Or whatever works for you. Then gradually start going a whole 24 hours without looking at social media. There are plenty of other things you can do to stay occupied. Good Luck!
Ida G.
I had a huge problem with this. Observing what you're doing using these questions help. ”Could I be doing something more productive?” or, ”Could I be enjoying myself elsewhere?” are good questions. Also, ”Have I been using this app for a while?”. And you need to be strict with yourself. This is if you just scroll around and like posts. You can also take a step back for a few days. Have fun with friends and family without your phone, or read a book, maybe walk. When I had my phone addiction, sometimes my family would force me to come out of my shell. Afterwards, I realized I wanted to be happy like that more often.
I really hope this helps!
Titouan Z.
Fill your life with meaningful activities. If you are out enjoying life with friends and family…you won’t feel the need to post your life just for the likes. What do you enjoying doing for yourself? What is a meaningful way to occupy your time with things that are beneficial to you. Hope this helps!
Baptiste C.
I would start slowly, not cold turkey! I would start by cutting 2-3 hours a day and designating it to a specific task, such as exercising, taking a long stroll, catching up on a book, or picking up a hobby you just didn’t have time for before. You will slowly change your habit of logging into social media until you know longer feel the necessity.
Elizabeth Z.
It’s not an easy process but sometimes you have to switch off and remember the small things and be grateful for what you have. Social media can be a toxic place
Karla N.
You should track how many hours you are spending on social media, and then, start reducing that time week by week until you achieve your goal.
Laura G.
At age 52 I am excited about technology and how it has improved my life. I would simply delete the accounts if the interaction with social media is causing you to not be present. Another option is to substitute another activity when the desire to use social media occurs. Hope this helps. If all else fails ask for help on your social media accounts, after all these are suppose to be your friends.
Fernando Y.
I don’t want to stop but I want to use it more to learn and connect with like minded individuals. I can limit use by setting up times I can leverage it
Cory S.
Delete the apps from your phone and find healthy things you can do instead, like find an app that teaches you a new language or improves memorization, something educational that feels like a game and still lets you fill the time when you are bored by twiddling on your phone. After not even a little while, you’ll find you don’t really miss it and it doesn’t impact your non-digital life at all to not be on social media.
Laertes Q.
What I do is I try to focus on others things that I actually enjoy and find the little things in life that make me happy! I know this can be difficult but if you keep on trying you will get there. I have been doing this for about 1 month and I rarely go on social media.
Jacqueline W.
Before you open any social media app ask a question what do I want to get out of this? And how much time am I allowing myself on it? If you have a clear answer then go ahead and use the app. I think after a few times you will find that it took too much of your tome AND you may not have gained much from being on it. If the purpose is entertainment, I would find a nice program show or movie that is a feel good! If you find the social media making you compare your life to others then it’s time to reevaluate it.
Personally, I switched the social media apps to creative ones that will motivate me everyday. Simple things like design books quotations travel journaling… etc or any other field/s that interest you!
You will feel better having spent your time on something YOU enjoy.
Stay well!
Vicki R.
Add time limits of 5mins a day and start seeing the impact in your life. IncreSe human social interactions rather than artificial social systems
Malthe C.
Dont stop. Just reduce one step at a time. Let go first of the ones that dont bring you joy anymore. Some are big decisions like deleting your Facebook account. Acknowledge it will result in a feeling of loss at first but that it will also bring you other benefits like more time to do other joyful things.
Myrtle O.
Altogether? Delete them from your phone, delete your accounts. If you want to curb them, use them as a limited time treat after the gym or long walk and only for :30 minutes, max.
Grace F.
I put time out blockers on my phone. Apps are in sleep mode between 10pm and 6.45pm. I don’t check any social mefia until after 8am.
Christian U.
Make yourself do something before you pick up your phone. For example place your phone upstairs so that it forces you to walk to it. This short period of time gives you the ability to think, “do I really need to do this?”
Claudemiro I.
Delete the apps from your phone. Add the extra step of needing to go to a computer if you really want to access the site. Also- don’t allow your computer to stay logged in so you have that extra step as well
Lukas J.
For me, being mindful of the amount of time I spend on it and the amount of work hours I’m wasting helps me to put away more phone sometimes. Also, having a limit for myself helps somewhat if I dint turn it off for the day.
Also, using this app during working hours has helped me stay focused and on task and avoid social.
Setting blocks to allow for social media also helps. You know you can get on from this time to this time and don’t feel guilty for it
Lola C.
Delete your accounts or just unfollow everyone and remove the apps from your phone. Or just comit to use them once daily, on your personal computer.
Joshua N.
This will be difficult at first!! But the thing that helped me was just deleted them off my phone for a short time!! You can start by deleting it for a couple days and work your way up!! I started with a 7 day social media fast and then later I went up to a 10 day fast!! The easiest thing for me was to delete the app from my phone for a time because that way the temptation wasn’t even there!! It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!!! I felt so much more confidence in myself and I was able to spend more time doing more productive things!! I highly recommend making this change!! You don’t have to take it completely out, but just cut back and get off every once in a while!! It’s hard at first, but it ends up being so worth it!! 🙂
Alma X.
If you have the iPhone, you can enable screen times. I’ve also found that deleting social media apps from my phone, without deleting my account has really cut down on the amount of time I spend on social media. This way I can still check on my desktop, but it’s a bit of a hassle so it makes you think if you really need to or not.
Lissi A.
The thing that has worked for me is to simply delete the social media apps! I often opened my phone to see a bunch of notifications in my social media apps, and I like to keep my phone notification free, i don’t like to have the red circles. So when i saw that facebook, instagram or twitter had notifications I clicked them and then I got stuck in the cycle of swiping down and down and ended wasting a lot of time. Once I deleted the apps I haven’t had the urge to enter my social media, and overall feel more productive and centered. If you feel that deleting the apps is too much, you can start by turning off the notifications of such apps.

Hope this helps!

Branca Q.
I quite social media by deleting the apps. It was enough to really stop me from going online. My business is actually social influence and I would often try to justify why I needed it, turns out I didn’t, and I’m better for it.
Lucy S.
Delete the apps. Limit your time to an hour a day to use all of them. Find other stuff to do to keep your mind occupied. Hope that helps😁
Pat F.
Be more active in real life and make some hobbies and mm even delete your social media.. keep it real and busy so you won’t be bored
Philip X.
Make sure u focus more on YOUUUU! Try to not even be on your phone that much, you’ll be fine without it, go for a walk, read, do what you gotta do
Amber J.
If you have an iPhone you can set a timer that turns off social media after either a certain time or after you’ve used it a certain amount. Some research indicates turning your cell phone screen to gray scale will curb your desire to use social media. There are apps you can use on the computer to block access to social media. Also being really mindful. So if you find yourself on social media. Stop. Think. Be mindful. You’ll curb your desire for social media that way too.
Clyde O.
I started by removing all of those apps from my phone. I have Facebook and Twitter on my main computer. That way I’m not staring at my phone when out of the house when I should be enjoying the day.
El A Y.
Make “Alexa” your primary alarm clock and leave phone in the bathroom.

Allow yourself a chance to watch one YouTube video but NO VIDEO GAMES!

Samantha W.
Get off your phone. Go outside, think of yourself. Social medias are primarily making you jealous of other people, without even thinking. Try taking a break for a week and thank me later!
Myrtle Z.
Several ways. You can first make yourself aware of your screen time and monitor how much you are on certain apps. Once you have this awareness, make an intentional effort to reduce your screen time on social media apps by monitoring it regularly. Set time limits for yourself. When you are on social media and find yourself mindlessly scrolling, close the app and open a more positive one like fabulous or Kindle or audible… Trying to cut back and add more positive is likely to be more effective than just cutting social media out completely.
Arthur Y.
There are many app for that. Self restraint training as with intermittent fasting but with social media is also a interesting option.
Enola Q.
This is what I’m focusing on right now. Recently, I discovered that I feel a little sick after a spend a long time scrolling on my phone. There is a slight buzzing in my ears, and a weird vibration/motion sickness-like feeling in my body. That awareness is really helping me to put the phone down, especially before bed. So, pay attention to how you feel after you spend a long time on the phone. Good luck! It’s a tough one! 💜💜💜
Cl Mence E.
Find other things to do with your time. Read a current events article. Read a novel. Do some yoga. Maybe you don’t need to stop completely but warning yourself off shouldn’t be a problem. Everything is about moderation.
Alberte W.
Delete it from you devices and download something related with other things (movies/series, reading, meditation, music…)
Emily F.
A better question might be “What’s the best way I can use Social Media?” In my thinking you can use it to be a benefit for yourself as well as for others. It just depends on how you and your social media following are using the features offered there. If you find yourself being denied the opportunities and advantages you should be enjoying on these platforms I suggest you kinda lay low for a while until you feel like connecting with them again.
Alberto U.
First thing you need it to stop wanting to use it, or at least for most of us, cut back. Secondly social media is a way to connect with people, you can do that out and about in normal day life!
Heinz Georg O.
First I would delete all shortcuts and apps. Then, make sure all your notifications are turned off. If you truly want to stop using social media completely, delete your accounts. If you just want to set limits, most phones have the ability to limit time spent on certain apps. You could try that.
Michelle X.
Ho messo un limite al mio telefono. 1h30m al giorno. Per ora va tutto bene. Ammetto però che si potrebbe rivelare difficile.
Leo X.
They say to write down how many times you get on them and how long for each time that you do. Every time you do that, you become aware. I guess if not then you just look at your record and reflect on it. You could be doing something else that’s better than staring at the screen for nothing. Personally, I slowly back away from them. The least social media I used, I eventually deleted it off my phone. I only use Facebook now to be involved in the self improvement and essential oil product group. I use Instagram for reading good quotes and follow awesome people with things I can learn from. I turned notifications off on them all because I don’t want distractions. I’d also rather have physical attention from my love ones than random people on social media. Because I never know when I’ll see them last.
Marialda Q.
Spending more time with family and friends, experiencing things and making memories versus looking up pictures and liking photos of other people doing things that you would one day like to do.
Reginald J.
Good question , ha. I quit Facebook a while back and honestly I don’t miss it even though I know I’ve lost touch with some former work friends as a result. I’m still on Instagram and Twitter – I felt like Instagram could be more manageable but I check it often. Today though I started thinking about how you are what you consume – food, yeah but media as well. There are entirely different ways to frame the human experience and your specific life but you can’t when you’re consuming ‘meal prep hacks’. So it’s an echo chamber just like Facebook and owned by them – a company who has overtly shown that they are in the data selling business but I think that horse is out of the barn so who knows.
Deborah E.
Delete all apps! I tried having some self control and have it in the back of a folder, but it really didn’t stop me at all from using it. I thought I’d use it less, but I definitely used it less when I would just delete the app entirely.
Rapha L Z.
Maybe it is nice to start with using it a lot less. By deleting the apps from your phone. Choosing a time during the on which you can use it. And put your phone on flight mode when you go to sleep. And try to leave it on as long as you can in the morning.
Mary F.
I find it funny that I see this question, as I just recently decided to delete all social media. No, not forever, but for a month. I am a high-school student and I have final exams coming up soon that are very important, so I wanted to make sure to get the best grades possible, and thus get rid of as many distractions that I can. It’s been a few days now, and just today I decided to delete all other apps except Fabulous and the main “Apple pre installed” apps. I hope that you will also try this out and after a month, see from there how much you want to use social media.
Best regards,
Sara A.
1. You should turn off notification of all social media app. And check app at a certain time of day.
2. If you have thoughts or feelings you want to share. Don't post it on social media. Try journalling instead.
3. Replace the habit of scrolling Facebook, Instagram by other healthy habits like reading books, swimming, DIY…
Hadrien P.
Only follow relevant threads and people with a purpose. Purposeless people just waste time and create distraction- only follow what expands or adds to your thinking- stay away from the echo chamber and avoid conspiracy theories
Selma G.
I’m not a great user – but I use them to spend time and not think. To try to reduce time spent I’m trying to do something else that can enable me to not think (eg meditation)
Caleb F.
Set a time limit on them and gradually decrease the amount of time you give yourself and eventually you will be down to no time. Or delete the apps
Carl Cia I.
Delete the apps for as long as you feel necessary. Learn what it is like to live without them and then you will understand the value of them.
Harry P.
If you have a reason to stop using social media, at night before you sleep, think about that reason and its awards. Personally, I also put my phone on aeroplane mode when I don’t want to use it. Also, this may sound a bit silly, but keep yourself busy. So say you have some housework to do, you do the house work and you want a break. Don’t go on social media, you could read or even take a power nap.
Lana S.
Set yourself a timer. If you have an iPhone than you can block social media by setting up a limit, and it won’t let you be in certain pages more than that. Also use screen time monitoring , it is really eye opening. You got this!!
Diane Q.
Start by taking a little break and deleting the apps on your phone. If you have FOMO or social media is your main way for stating in touch with him friends and family Post a status that says “going to Be on a little break, text me if you need me” or something like that. You can do it! Good luck
Andree U.
Remove all access to Social Media. If you have to, have a fiend change your passwords and not tell you them. Just start slow, depending on how addicted you are, see if you can just go 1 day without it. Try to build up to 1 month. At some point you will see how much free time you now have and how much better you are feeling. Also put a note somewhere you can see it regularly that states why you want to stop using social media, and every time you miss it, or feel tempted, go back to that note and reflect on why you made this decision in the first place.
Israel Q.
I think more focusing my life and goals, and learning find the inner motivation to be the person i want to be and realizing no need any outer voice or to follow others while doing this, hopefully.
Mah Y.
I believe all things deserve moderation. Perhaps schedule a set amount of time to respond and read your social media streams. Turn off notifications and alerts so that you are in control of when you choose to read and respond.
Anatole P.
Set up a time that you won’t use your phone at all of a night. Say 8pm you do your end of day rituals and then by 9-9:30 that’s the time you don’t use your phone for any social media. And then you just read or watch a bit of tv before going to bed.
Leonid F.
Really look at what you are seeing on social media: does it make you feel better? Do you actually enjoy what you are seeing? Do you care about what you read and see? Does the amount of likes define who you are and how much you are loved or appreciated? The simple answer to most posts is: NO! Social media should be used for fun and nothing else.
H Lo Se Y.
Remove the apps from your phone. If you need to sign on, do so intentionally from a computer. Then set up a timer to stop.
Arthur F.
Move all your social media apps off your phone or to the 2nd or 3rd page, inside a folder.

Find a substitute for social media when you have an urge.

It’s very hard to do. Good luck!

Caroline U.
I realized I was addicted to my phone when I was spending my whole vacation on Instagram instead of making memories. So, I decided to set a screen time limit on myself using my iPhone settings. It’s shocking to realize that 3 hours of screen time can go so fast. On the first day, I reached my limit at 4 pm. So I cleaned all evening. It really is an eye opener, even if you do not stick with it to a T. It makes you feel bad when you bypass the reminder and allow more time. I am going to try to get used to three hours, then limit myself even further in the coming months. At some point, you need to use your phone. But this way, you aren’t spending your whole day on your phone.
Bj Rn R.
Try harder to have the discipline to not extend your limitations, in my iPhone, I set a limit to each facet of application i’m using, including social media.
Unless urgent, since i’m in sales, I try everyday to adhere to a 5-hour total communicating thru social media. I also select which media are more productive for me and which do not necessarily develop my personality/ profession.
Raimund O.
There are various ways.

If you’re using them on a computer, change the password to something you can’t remember (but write it down somewhere if you really need to use it, but keep that in a hard to get place).

On your phone you can delete the app and/or use parental controls to block or limit access to the app or website. You can also bury the app in an app grouping that is hard to get to and requires lots of scrolling to do on.

On any other device: delete/disable.

Before doing any of these, you may want to announce on social media that you’re doing these, so people don’t wonder what happened to you. Let them know you won’t be reading the comments anytime soon.

Think of social media as a place for people to tag you and you to verify that the tag was correct and nothing else.

Odeberto Q.
Delete apps! Especially from your phone. I find that when I do I don’t bother nor do I think to look at them! So nice not to waste precious time.
Larry J.
I have made deliberate choices of which social media platforms were giving me energy and which accounts were costing me energy. Basically, I deleted the apps of the second category and terminated my accounts if I could – LinkedIn for example is necessary for my work, so I deleted the app but kept the account and unsubscribed from all email updates.
Next was a cleanup of the people I'm following on the platforms I do enjoy; I unfollowed or muted all people that were draining my energy or like to rant about negative subjects (to me that's politics and soccer). I also added some filters in Twitter to ban tweets with certain keywords.

Good luck my friend!

Ma Ly P.
If you are trying to limit social media then just check it at certain times of the day like morning and evening. If you want to stop using all together then delete the apps.
Adrien T.
There are many steps you can do to reduce the usage of social media to a healthier amount. The most simple thing that helped me: I have moved my social apps on my phone from first screen to random ones. Each time you open your phone – they are not there. It really reduces the automatic opening of these apps.
Arianna J.
Try putting your phone on airplane mode when your working or doing another activity where you don’t want to be distracted by social media. Only turn airplane mode off when you’re ready to relax and are okay with looking at social media.
Isadora C.
Remove apps from your phone so you to log in from a remote computer.
Don’t have social media saved as favorites on your computer toolbars.
Put time limits on apps use on your phone.
Wolfgang O.
I don’t think you need to stop using them completely, but if you want to use them less, I think you should just really push yourself to do other things every day at random times that will keep you occupied!!
Ananias C.
I personally try to only half charge my phone when it dies in the day I let it charge and then In that time I let my self charge up and don’t pick my phone back up till it has about 30 to 50 % charge ! That way it makes it easier to not want to use your phone cause it’s dead and charging 🙂 hope this works 😀
Brent U.
I honestly understand, social media is hard to stop.. it’s so addicting! What I did was delete them.. it’s better to just get over with it and delete it.. Read a book, talk to someone just get it off your mind and forget about it.. If you have any friends you meet on social media you can always ( if you trust them or know them) figure out another way to contact them like calling them.. do something else other than go on your phone..
Nellie P.
Deleting apps or even disabling accounts can be a helpful cold turkey way. Less severe methods can include writing down every time you use social media as a way to keep yourself aware and accountable of how much time you’re spending.
Amalie P.
Just delete the apps and try not to use them for 2 days. Even if you re-load then, next time, try for 3 days. Or, you can use the “screen time” thing on an Apple phone to help you set timers in things like social media to remind you when you’ve had enough.
Anton X.
If it is a big part of your life then even reducing the amount of time spent on it would be a start. I haven’t totally banished it from my life, as myself and work colleagues share important things. I only use Facebook, maybe twice a day and I’m happy with that. It’s about staying in control and not allowing it to run your life 😊
Julie Q.
You can stop using social medias by either deleting the app, offloading it, or by simply logging out. But for starters, if you’re the type of person who uses social media obsessively, then you can start to wean yourself from using whichever form of social media you use. Start by taking hours away, then move onto a couple of days to a week from your use. Then you can move onto weeks. And lastly [a] month(s) or so.
Vincent U.
If I somehow make social media ONLY about me and not about checking other people out. Stop following unrelevant people. Start uploading your finast art. Answer the comments you get on your posts. Instead, make social media memories in real life.
Wolf Dietrich F.
Dear friend, it’s very important thing to grow up yourself I think… I have deleted most of social media apps, especially funny ones 😅 and I have deleted games in my phone too… they are lose of time. Social media accounts can stay, when you use a PC you can look around for a “limited time”,,, and then go back to your study/working/reading/thinking etc… we make the “social media using “ an automated behaviour, it’s sub cortical habit that you do unconsciously. So yo can not see how it’s stealing your time (your most important thing-it is the cheapest and most valuable treasure at the same time)
Julio Y.
For me, dropping my phone in the creek helped. :-). Then I’ve learned to shut off all devices completely an hour before I go to bed. Enjoy stories with my children. Then, in the morning, I won’t let myself turn on any device until I’ve checked off my morning routine of drinking water, light exercise (lately yard work and gardening ), prepping breakfast and making my task list for the day. I actually feel so relaxed and free. It was so surprising. I’ve found I check it so much less during the day.
Wally F.
I think limiting yourself is a better option. Set a timer and that’s all you get. If you can’t resist delete the app! It and the posts will always be there 🙂
Edeltraut Z.
It's easier to replace a habit than to remove one. Write down ten things you could do instead of use social media. Your brain wants stimulation, give it an alternative form.
Emilie U.
I’ve deleted them from my phone but still have access on my iPad. I don’t use my iPad anywhere near as much and the result is that my social media access is sporadic. It’s the whole change your environment thing. I also make sure I don’t take my iPad up to bed with me – no temptation 😊👍
Rick T.
i myself am very addicted to them, but i desinstall them or simply move them to another page of my home screen to not be the first thing i see. turn off unnecessary notifications. hope this helps!
Margie Z.
It’s entirely personal but for me it was trying to answer the question of benefit. What is it that I get from social media? (FB / twitter / IG in my case). And my answer was very little – the ‘good’ reason for using it and being on the platforms was that it connected me to family and friends. But when I thought about those interactions, in truth they were / are low quality and fleeting. The reality is they are all (very well) designed to suck you in and keep you there – the infinity black hole of endless scrolling and updates. For me – they’re time and attention thieves.

So – it sounds really obvious – but I just deleted the apps from my devices and in FB’s case, deactivated my account. I am revenue generative to them and it has no net benefit to me to have an account on the platform. If I want to connect with family and friends it’s more deliberate and high quality – I call (!!) my parents rather than msg / post trivialities online…I can still use those platforms if I really want to but it has to be far more deliberate (using a browser etc) and putting some resistance in front of their use forces me to be more considered in my use. Rather than it being an easy distraction…

Quila S.
The first thing that pops ik in my mind, is what do you want to accomplishe with reading and posting stuff? When you know why you want to do it, you than can notie if that is what really makes you twinkle / alive. If your not aware of the ‘need’ to socialize on social media, you will not have a reason to stop. I starter to vanish it from my mobile and people started to discuss it with me; why are you so late in responding…. simple I need real live contact! Have a coffee once and awhile.
Jim C.
For me I scheduled specific times, and I use a tool called Freedom to block my internet access to those apps during working times. On my phone it also gives me a weekly report on where I allocated my time, so I can course correct as needed!
Matthew P.
Delete all the apps from your phone and you’ll cut your browsing time down to next to nothing. The first week is the hardest for breaking the addiction, but once you get through that, it’s smooth sailing and SO refreshing to take time away!!
Alfred U.
Do you have an iPhone? If so you can set limits on your phone for what time you can access it and how long. For example I only allow myself on Facebook for 15 minutes afor example I only allow myself on Facebook for 15 minutes a day. This gives me enough time to check notifications and events with friends and then I’m done! I also have a limit were all of my social media apps will not be accessible after 10 PM. So I can wind down for bed. Social media is great for connection and staying up with family when it stops doing that or I’m reading some off beat drama about someone I don’t know. I log off.
Nevaeh O.
I deleted the app on my phone and only accessed socials through the computer when I wanted to post something. This keeps me from mindlessly checking the apps or opening them as a security blanket. It also helps to teach me that I can live without them for days, and that is in fact a better way to live for me.
Thomas Y.
Well first you have to try a day without your phone. Then you get off Snapchat, insta, etc. For an hour or two and see how you feel. If you feel better keep doing that, and go longer every time. 😁❤️ And try to be of social media at least the whole day. If not try an hour on social media each day.
Ana Z.
The easiest way for me is a combination of a strong sense of purpose, that will make me feel responsable for a wise usage of my time, mixed with not having any application for social media installed on the cellphone.
Jacob T.
Hi! If you mean in terms of time spent: an effective way could be to set timings to do it (as soon as I finish this thing – I open IG)
If you mean in terms of using them to show off yourself and / or to see others showing off and affirming their fantastic lives: bear in mind that the inly thing that matter is NOW and HERE
Adam F.
I quit Facebook. I ended up going back after several months, but use it a lot less now since I had a break from it. It is a practical tool for staying in touch but I was using it too much.
Valentina Q.
I stopped posting to Facebook a year ago. Just decided it was not a good use of my time.

I have an Instagram account only to join pages to learn about my interests.

Mir Ia F.
theres a few ways- its like any addictive substance. you can go cold turkey or ween yourself off slowly. i cut myself off all together by just deleting access to all my social media apps, but if that doesn't work, you can try deleting [access] to your least used media for one week, and then your next least used for another week, until you feel detached enough to delete the one that eats up time the most.
Gertraud F.
It’s hard because everyone has become accustomed to communicating through social media. I could never fully get rid of it, but I can cut down my usage by turning off notifications so that I’m not constantly drawn in to opening apps, and I can use my smart phone to limit my screen time on social media.
Natalie F.
Delete the apps off your phone, delete you account and fill you time with something more fore filling like a podcast or audiobook.
Phillip T.
Why do you want to stop? Why do you use social media? To help you break a habit you must understand the underlying reasons behind why you wish to change. It’s easy to see why someone would want to quit social media, it is designed to be addictive. But it has a draw because it fulfills a need/desire ingrained in us. Before you can find an answer you have to be honest with what your motivations are. Is it that it is dominating too much of your life or interrupting your sleep? Why do you use it, a craving for attention or a longing for more social activity? Be honest with yourself it may be you actually want to use it differently not completely quit. But which ever you choose here is some advise that I hope helps. First would be to make it more difficult to use, an example if you log on your phone while your in bed trying to sleep then leave your phone on silent and on a surface where you can’t reach without having to get up and get it. Also turn it over so the screen doesn’t light up your room with notifications. Replace the activity with something else, whether it’s a book by your beside to read or leaving your phone in your pocket and walking over to engage a friend or coworker. When you have the urge try something else to take your mind off it. Don’t forget to mix it up try several different activities to do instead of checking social media and use the one that works best. Positive reinforcement is key don’t forget to reward yourself. Hope this helped you and good luck!
Eliot T.
I am working on it myself. I try and get on and post encouraging and motivational messages, but I’m constantly bombarded by negativity. So I use the three strikes your out rule. If I encounter three negative or annoying post I get off after posting something positive. I’ve been trying to unplug when I get home as well.
Toni Y.
The first question you have to ask is do you have to? What is it taking away from your life. Contemplate what you will gain with the time and what social media is taking from you.
Ira X.
Set yourself a timer. An allocated amount of time to spend on social media, remember social media is there to waste your time. It really is not productive and ideal. It won’t make you feel good in the long run. So if you want to feel good you must let go of using social media
Mary F.
For Instagram, simply delete it! I have started to delete Instagram and my life have been great ever since! I wouldn't mindlessly click onto the app anymore and end up surfing hours on it. If there is an absolutely important reason you cannot delete social media, then simply meditate! Meditation helps you realise more of the inner you, and you will feel calmer each day, and be mindful of what you're doing. The next time you pick up the phone to go through social media, ask yourself, why you are doing it, or why you are procrastinating. If there is no good answer, then drop that phone and go pick up a good good to snuggle in instead.
Cemal U.
Delete the apps from your phone, the websites are better, don’t take as much memory and has less advertising.

Try to restrict just to a few times a day.

Consider blocking or limiting time on your devices, using things like Screen Time

Unfollow or block users who aren’t really your friends

Remember that it’s just a form of procrastination. Try to meet friends in real life rather than passively observe online.

Mait N.
I don’t use social media and I never have. I know once you start using it tho it is hard to stop. I think the best way to motivate yourself to stop is to think about the bad things about social media and realize why it’s bad. Like most people compare themselves to others
Jaroslaw U.
You have to take little steps to stop that big goal maybe you can reduce the time of how long or don’t use it at the morning or afternoon.Baby steps.
Janet U.
Use the app forrest and start planting trees! It works like a charm. I had the same addiction to my phone 👍☺️😉 best of luck
Gerold X.
I start with using screen time to make sure I’m not on when it’s late at night. From there, I added an hour and a half limit to Facebook on my phone, and moved it to a back screen to make it less prominent. I don’t think the goal should be “no social media” usage but rather “no mindless usage”.
Dale Y.
What has helped me is to erase the social media apps from my phone. It’s really liberating. Recommend that action warmly!
Catherine F.
over time slowly decrease youth time online. start by setting limits on when you use it like “you can only go online during 10am-5pm” or set screen time reminders. take baby steps and you can do it!
August W.
1. Delete the apps from your phone

2. Be busy while at your computer

3. Every time you want to share something take an additional 30 mins. If you still want to share it then write a post