I have a hard time just laying there and falling asleep, I have to allow myself to fall asleep to an activity. What kind of activity for falling asleep would you recommend?

Dwayne E.
It’s one thing to do an activity before bedtime but once you lie down you need to stop. Our brain is constantly in fight or flight mode with all the messages we receive whether through work, emails and texts or even reading and we must learn to block the day out for a restful night sleep. I do simple breathing exercises: breathe in through your nose, hold and breathe out through your mouth for whatever amount of time that is comfortable for you at each step. Since I am focused on breathing I just relax and fall asleep 😴.

El Na Z.
I usually listen to a podcast!! I’ve got a few that allow me to just listen in because I find the content interesting but not troubling, like a bedtime story. So, rather than listening to current news or interviews, I’ll listen to a podcast about certain days in history, war stories, true crime! I actually really like falling asleep to the Dateline podcast!! Haha! But also the adventure zone was really fun to listen to when I started back at episode one.