Has anybody noticed a difference in sleep quality after either moving the phone away from your head? Or turning off the WiFi? (I don’t mean simply because you were using it less at night)

Ashley L.
i let my phone downstairs at night, and i sleep way better. it’s because of the blue light that comes from your phone. if you don’t have that before you go to sleep, it won’t keep you awake. in the morning you wake up better!
Levi J.
Sorry, can't help you with that, I'm sleeping much better because I quit smoking, cigarettes and weed and also don't drink on week days! Still I started to put my phone I'm Airplane mode because I would get email and other stuff in the night and the sounds will go off. I don't wake up. But it is a negative distraction
Ginestal F.
I have noticed getting more sleep and better quality of sleep by moving my phone away from my bed. I like playing games and if I hear the notification, I'll pick it up and play for sometimes hours. I now silence notifications at night.
Russell T.
Definitely, my sleep quality has changed significantly! One of the big problems of my life was how to go to sleep early, now it is possible. I knew that I shouldn’t use my devices before going to sleep, but with fabulous I’m doing it with my own free will, easy and simple!
I don’t know how it works, but please keep it in that way 🙂