I like to listen to tv as background noise all the time and it’s a bad habit I want to break. Any tips on other ways to stay entertained?

Shaylene G.
I like to listen to audio books or music in the background. It helps keep my mind focused while allowing me to move around and take care of any chores or activities I want to accomplish during the day.

Annette U.
Listen to some music, even if you’re working or taking a nap it will help your mood to be better and it’s a better way to stay entertained..

Mathew Q.
Ah well I always have music in the background, always. Most of the time however it is music with no words, only melody. I tend to be always productive with just sounds in the background with minimal spoken words. Otherwise I will shuffle through music that I have never really heard of or know any of the lyrics! I tend to sometimes ponder the most when I do this. I'll catch a sentence or 2 that I can relate to and I take that time to reflect on myself and my surroundings.