Is disconnecting easy for you?

Clotildes P.
Disconnecting is easy if you make it easy, it’s still okay to listen to music and other stuff, just resist the urge. Do other things to occupy your time. I crochet, draw, read and write stories. You can do this.(; πŸ‘

Katelyn U.
Yes; there's many times when I will not have my phone anywhere near me. However, I also get distracted easily and will scroll through social media when I'm bored or feeling unmotivated.

Tamia P.
Not really, but I found apps that are very useful to complement this action, if you don't have options, you can check on YouTube or something related to relax or Yoga

Arisberto P.
I don't disconnect I use deep breaths and put the bedtime alarm to alarm to put my phone black and wh8te so it'll make me fall asleep

Mallory T.
I think disconnecting is pretty hard for me to do when I'm stressed and feel like I have a lot of stuff to do but I still try my best to disconnect a little from time to time throughout the day. I recommend disconnecting because it helps me set my thinking back on track if I'm stressed and makes me feel more calm. I find it easy to disconnect before I go to sleep though.

Alyssa N.
Yes, most of the time I just put my phone on do not disturb and just disconnect from my phone and lay in bed in journal I read or something like that

P N.
disconnecting is like taking your headphones and listening to music and not focusing on what’s around you other than the music. It’s putting you focus onto something other than what’s going around you. So yes it is easy, you don’t realise it because it’s easy when you are doing something you are ingrosed in and focused on. You can disconnect from your phone to- put it on don’t disturb or urn it off and find something you enjoy or something to do that will make you bsuy and overtime you will build up the habit

Lukas X.
I wouldn't say it's easy to disconnect mentaly but I think that if you truly try and place your mind right then it will be easier, atleast for me. In friendships for me disconnecting is too easy and I need to be more with my friends.

Owen F.
Deffinitelly it's not! Especially when something new is happening on the Internet, it's hard not to watch it. But you'll feel much better after disconnecting, because you can have time only for yourself ❀️

George P.
I've noticed it's easier when I have replacements for brain stimulation in place- for me that looks like starting my night routine (face washing, teeth brushing, lotion) after I heal my alarms set. Then I have the book I've been reading and read that for about 30 min. Just keeping busy with other things makes it easier!

Davinci Y.
It is only hard at the very first day, you will feel so much want to go to social media, that’s what your monster voice said. But if you just try to abandon that thinking 2 days, it is so easy, when time is going on and on, your action will be set automatically!

Aziz C.
Yes disconnecting is easy for me cuz then I have some time away from my iPad phone computer and ps5 so I think it iseasy

Catherine Q.
Not at all…It gets my attention everytime I want to be productive and my hands, brain itches for that very little pleasure, I am addicted

Kamila C.
No, I’m always on my phone or any other device cause i just got so used to it and addicted to it. I wish I could disconnect more easily, if I did, I would’t procrastinate so much.

Kaylee O.
Not at the moment. Since my schedule is very busy, it's hard for me to disconnect because either I don't have time for it or I prefer to rest above anything else.

Omar Z.
It’s a little bit difficult because at the end of the day some times i have tasks such as studying not done yet so i have to use my pomodoro app on the phone so at this case i can’t really disconnect.

Josefine C.
No not really because my whole life is on social media and my phone I have a long time there I have books on there it's just really hard to get off of it but I find a good book or something that motivates me and I do that for however long it takes

Sophie U.
Not really, since we are in a totally connected world, besides it has become an addiction. It is hard to let aside technology devices, as we also may be influenced by our whole enviroment, the job, or the interaction with people that may not notice how dependent we are of technology devices.

Beck N.
Yes, Im in my head a lot so I journal A LOT, I do other things that make me happy such as reading, drawing, going for walks, getting to know myself, meditating, and spending time with my loved ones. If you love being in solitude as much as I do then do things out of your comfort zone with yourself or do the things you love most, try new things, put your ideas into action, challenge yourself. Overall have fun with yourself and be intentional about it.

Klaus Peter D.
That is the hardest part for me. I think it will get easier if I make intentional online connections with friends earlier in the day.

Eiurlan P.
Not always. I sometimes struggle to not check my phone whenever I get a notification or when I am bored and just have my phone in front of me.

Lanette O.
Disconnecting doesn’t come easy. There’s always one more thing to do or look at ot read. So I give myself a time limit. And remind myself that I’ve done enough and my long term goals are important!

Day N.
No, because I find hard to disconnect because I don’t want to face reality and I want to stay in the world of dramas or movies.

Janna Z.
No, i always struggle to disconnect with technology because of my habits like reading digital mangas, news and research articles just a few minutes away from my sleep time

Julie C.
No. Because the world now revolves around technology, it's harder to unug and put your phone down. It's a bad habit I gotta breako

Manon S.
Disconnecting isn't always easy, and sometimes it's actually really hard. Even if I'm not immersed in some online activity or stuck endlessly scrolling, I can still get carried away thinking of "one last thing" after "one last thing" that I'm going to do on my phone. In the worst cases, I'll tick the box saying I'm going to unplug, only to pop TikTok back open and watch for another half hour. Some nights, I never disconnect at all, and fall into a fitful sleep listening to music or podcasts to drown out my thoughts instead. For the most part, though, I know it's for the best if I disconnect and it's one of the bedtime tasks I follow through on most regularly.

Sophia O.
Disconnecting is not easy for me and I'm not sure I've grasped what it means either. I like to use devices to entertain myself and keep my mind busy and not become bored or begin overthinking.

Cathleen X.
Sometimes it's really hard and sometimes I am just waiting to. But it usually depends on what happend the day. Example: I woke up at 5.00 in the morning and had a really bad tommy ace. I then went to the toilet and puked a lot so I was sick. And I couldn't wait to go to bed again. And if I have a good day then I can fall asleep fast or mabye sometimes it's hard to fall asleep.

Jordan R.
Disconnecting is difficult because of how we’ve been trained to be so reliant on every type of connection in today’s society. However, when I disconnected from everything outside of me and connect with myself, I find a lot more peace and answers than any other type of connection.

El N.
It wasn't easy at first but by time it became a habit. I tried that 3 2 1 rule and it really helped. Your sleep schedule fixes itself and you feel energised.
It's amazing really.

Abru C.
Now it is! Since I have routines that I've made with this app I can easily disconnect from my phone or thoughts I don't want to have (I overthink a lot).

Phillip U.
No absolutely not. I actually don't have a very big friend circle but whenever I try to stay from my phone it feels so hard to resist it but the opposite happens when I don't think about the fact that I am actually disconnecting. It's like I've developed a mentality where whatever I want to do or aim for it always fail but if I'm doing something without having a particular mindset or aim then I can do it.

Sierra P.
When I'm with people, yes, very easy; I love spending time in the real world with my friends and family. I get frustrated when people choose those moments to stay disconnected from the moment. But when I'm alone I have fallen into a bad habit of been watching YouTube. I deleted my social media years ago and have never regretted it though. One of the best decision I have ever made.

Elizabeta I.
To be honest, its not. I really like to spend time on my phone so its really hard. I deleted some apps that are wasting so much time in my day. Its hard but better without them. I recommed

Baptiste P.
Disconnecting is easy if you already had experience. I had it twice and i think its easy, but for beginners will be a little tough.

Francesca P.
Not Always… Because when you don't have time to do something during the day, you want to extend late night sessions of playing or chatting.

Karla E.
Disconnecting in the beginning is pretty difficult especially if you're very used to being on the internet but once i've put alll my devices away and im focusing on something else its quite easy.

Albane Q.
Disconnecting for us definitely not easy for me, but I push myself my maybe reading a book of deep breaths, just to distract myself from scrolling. Hope this answers your question

Storm W.
Not always. It is sometimes hard to make myself do it and put my phone away, but the feeling afterwards is incredibly rewarding!. Taking the time to just… be, usually I take it for granted but it makes a huge difference in your day!, that helps me keep going!.

Tejaswini P.
No, it isn't. Honestly, I have been addicted to mobile phones and it's been hard to pull off. But I have learnt a thing, if I try and tell myself that I don't have a choice but to do as it is to be done, it becomes more easier for me to do the task at hand. So tell yourself you don't have a choice but to disconnect. If needed, use blocking apps at the time you want to disconnect.

Bernice A.
Some days it's easy and some days it's not. I usually just remember why I started the journey and who I want to become. From there that thought process informs my decision on whether I'll disconnect or not. Also ticking the done button on Fabulous helps πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kyle W.
Deffinitelly it's not! Especially when there's something new happening online, it's hard not to watch it. But you'll feel much better after disconnecting, because you can think about yourself ❀️

Beck N.
Yes, but sometimes I have my moments where I try to get so much done at once that I just end up getting distracted by my phone.

Harnisha X.
At first it wasn't, but then I shut down my phone everytime I wanna disconnect so it became easy for me cuz you can't open the phone.

Lucile Z.
Quite simple. I Have a lot of things to occupy myself with so disconnecting isn't a burden for me.You can do the same thing to!

Maria N.
No! It’s the main habit I’m struggling with. I could easily have no phone on me and be offline all day with no tv, but the evening has usually been phone/tv time on the sofa

Juliet R.
not really, whenever I try to disconnect from my phone I always just go back to it. I’m bored whenever I do my homework and whenever I try to do something productive. It’s really annoying and I’m not sure what I should do

Madison S.
Yes, because at night I like to sit in my room and meditate to disconnect as well. I also have my phone on do not disturb at a certain time so I can let my body rest and recover

Sofia N.
Yeah but I’m scared if the dark so it’s hard to make it like DARK, but I still try, today it’s very light πŸ’‘ but I’m trying to make it lighter.

Sam Z.
No, it hasn't. Something that helped me was to not expect too much from myself. Taking small steps to reach my goal. In this case, take 30 mins to disconnect and try doing something productive. Read a book, cook something, etc (whatever makes you happy!). Remember you must enjoy it. What's the point otherwise? After a couple of days, try extending the time to an hour, and slowly continue this till you reach your goal.

You can do it! I believe in you!

Muskan N.
Being a teenager in this Gen-z generation, it isn’t something that comes easily. I have, however, seen my myself grow to be more effective at this as Fabulous now sets daily goals for me to motivate me to disconnect.

Ian F.
In what way? Disconnecting from people is unfortunately very easy. Disconnecting from the world and reality, also easy. Disconnecting from my phone? That's significantly more difficult.

Aaron C.
Yes, but sometimes I really need to check something on my phone and one thing leads to another and I start scrolling on it. I still try my best to ignore my phone completely but it just doesn't works sometimes.

Abigail T.
It really depends on the day. We all have days that are easier than others, and these fluctuations are normal. Sometimes it is really easy for me to disconnect and focus all of my energy into a hobby, something I love, or productive work. On the days that it's not easy, I try to start with short periods of time to disconnect. By the end, I'll either feel better and devote more time, or I won't but at least I still committed some time to it anyways. When it's really hard to find time, something is always better than nothing.

Charley J.
no it is not distraction is everywhere and I find myself up at 3am again. its 3am and I not even started to disconct. I finally start to disconct and I normally get to sleep at 5am I got to get up at 8am. It doesn't help that I'm in pain and have problems sleeping and disconnecting because of that. who wants to sit and relax when a rude intrusion of pain keeps popping up at inconvenient time's. If I'm hounst I'm not sure how to disconct I'm not sure what to do or how long to do it for.

Ivy Z.
When you first disconnect from something, it makes you feel great, u see urself going a long way without whatever you've disconnected from. But as time goes it gets a little difficult so u just have to keep reminding urself the reason why u disconnected in the first place. That's how it's like for me

Natasha Y.
I was surprised how easy it was. I started reading again forgetting how much I really love and enjoy it, more than TV or games. So for my unplug time I read, or write letters or journal or create my to do list or schedule etc. I have also been using this app to take on new challenges such as the 14 day challenge to keep active with some kind of exercise no matter how small. I also have a membership with the YMCA and use me time to go to the hot tub and swim I'm spending time with a friend almost weekly now.

Timmothy O.
Sometimes it is difficult to disconnect. I have questions filling my mind that I need to look up, or I have to check if anyone is texting me. I find it easiest to put my phone out of sight to help disconnect.

Lea X.
Yes and now I’m
Not attached to the whole social media life although I will look every once and awhile for updates on Hawaii/I say watching sermons and inspirational speaker are my hard point, playing around with an new app that help self confidence or help building personal goals ties me up a lot writing in my calendar or reminders I feel apps on my phone takes up a lot of time
But yea once I opened into the web or social media I can get stuck on for a while my apps will often at time take time away from hanging out with kids so I would still like to lesson it

Ayati I.
It WAS not but now it is. If you are getting problems disconnecting then here is what I did
β€’ Keep your phone aside
Do meditation or any other relaxing activity (without any gadget )
β€’ After that just sleep or study

Ahmet T.
Its not that easy, usually when i dissconect i draw, or, i count as "disconecting" when i go to my circus and skateboarding classes. When i draw i feel like using my phone at the same time but idk why! I wish it would be easier for me.

Ash N.
not really. my best friend is long distance and i enjoy talking to him a lot, so it's really difficult for me to stop talking to him, especially when we didn't talk much during the day because we were both busy. but i'm doing it little by little and it's really improving my sleep

Herm Nio B.
No it's not a habit of going on my phone before sleep is something I got used to doing it is a challenge either hard or easy for someone just go with it in small steps and you will achieve your goals

Brenda N.
On my own, not at all. But there are tons of ASMRs online that put me in the right headspace to just disconnect. And my phone is set to turn off a a certain time so I don't worry to much about it running down while I sleep.

Lucien Q.
No, I find it difficult to put my phone down but I also hate silence so have to put sound on and then I get sucked back into being on my phone

Matthew O.
Kinda. I do not have social media. But I do love watching tv. So it is a little hard to stop watching tv and go to bed. It is a habit I have to break.

Cora O.
Disconnecting can be difficult if the device is always near you. What I find that helps is putting your phone in the drawer by your bed, or on a dresser across the room, or some other place that puts it out of your sight and reach.

Kwther N.
Not that much, specifically when you didn't plan it with more exciting activities or when you're stressed and would kill to quite sounds of your mind.

Mah E.
Normally it's easy for me but as I'm getting older it's every day more difficult to get away fo my problems and phone, internet… I try to do less screen time but it's kinda difficult. This app is helping me a little bit though.

Sophia O.
Yes although it was not always this way. I often cared so much about what others thought about me that I didn’t even ask myself if I cared about or even respected them. Most of the time, the answer was no. This slowly helped me start letting go and living for myself and my own happiness.

Jamie T.
No. I easily get bored and I need to pick my phone and procrastinate again and again over and over all day, do nothing useful for the whole day and then feel bad about it but do nothing to change it

Nadeschda O.
No, I have to do it very consciously. I am, however, among those who get physically sick if I spend too much time looking at screens, so my body forces me to unplug sometimes, if I don't do it in due time myself.

Olivia Y.
Disconnecting is not always easy but after a long day I know I will feel better if I do it that is why it’s the first thing in my night routine.

Janette F.
Yes .. actually I don't like to being in it's easy for me to disconnect electronic items before sleep..once would you try to avoid the distractions of electronic devices, you would get more time to self care.

Nicole F.
Disconnecting is sometimes easy for me. Some days I am less motivated than others. This leads me to being lazy and more focused on a screen than I am the world around me. The best way for me to push myself is to remember why I want to get better and more focused on moving forward.

Jess E.
Disconnecting creates ease. I have an easy time of it when I am able to move freely and that is my responsibility. It’s as easy as I make it. Hard work and goals make it happen.

Sarah T.
No, it’s not after disconnecting I get distracted easily by anything and start overthinking about my whole day or things that happened in the past

Kelly K.
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it hard. It all depends what I'm currently doing or what I'm going to do later while disconnecting.

Thasneem N.
Yeah. It is. journaling and reading a book before bed helps me unwind. I’m not much glued to social media. And when I’m focused and goal oriented itz easy for me to skip to my routine. But on those low days i tend to keep scrolling. Usually happens when I’m anxious. Trying to find other ways to relax.

Mia P.
𝚈𝚎𝚜! 𝙸 πš™πšŽπš›πšπšŽπš› 𝚝𝚘 πšπšžπš›πš— 𝚘𝚏𝚏 πšŠπš• 𝚘𝚏 πš–πš’ πšŽπš•πšŽπšŒπšπš›πš˜πš—πš’πšŒπšœ πšŠπš—πš 𝚐𝚘 πšπš˜πš› 𝚊 πš πšŠπš•πš” πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πš™πšŠπš›πš” πšπš˜πš› πš‘πš˜πš  πš•πš˜πš—πš 𝙸 πš—πšŽπšŽπš 𝚝𝚘, πšŠπš—πš 𝙸 πš›πšŽπšŒπš˜πš–πšŽπš—πš πšπš˜πš’πš—πš πšπš‘πš’πšœ 𝚝𝚘𝚘!

Lucas S.
No. I'm used to filling my mind with distractions to keep me from thinking about the situations that need addressing in my life. Disconnecting in the evenings, although giving me the freedom to sleep earlier, forces me to address those issues mentally.

Vicky G.
No. It is a consistent effort to remember to disconnect as is work, social life, family life and sometimes a form of meditation. However, this quickly falls into a scroll hole of emptiness. So, I will keep remembering to step away from the screen and step outside!

Burkard S.
I find it difficult to be away from my phone. I know this is a problem but I continuously gravitate towards it. I have been trying to read ebooks instead of going on social media as often and I'm finding that helps

Gabe F.
No. I have a hard time waiting to have answer to whatever question I might have, and being able to get that answer immediately makes it hard to disconnect.

Charline O.
It can be sometimes. I am used to always scrolling my life away on Instagram but since trying to change that I feel a little more naturally present,not online present. Gathered in my own realty rather than the realty created by strangers on the internet. Ik it’s corny and cheesy to brag about now being on your phone to much but to me I see it as a healthy habit of being more present and not caught up in the fakeness of posing for content I’m mostly on my phone to talk to people I care about and mediate and stretch using apps. I hope to continue being on my phone less

Gabriel F.
No. This is something I'm currently working on. I have limited my screen time quite a bit from in the past, but I am addicted to my phone and social media.

Malou C.
Sometimes it'easy and sometimes it's difficult when I feel discomfortable it's easy to disconnecting but I'm feeling good to be honest it's also easy to disconnecting especially when I need the time for myself to think about something or I have the feeling to be alone so I disconnected social media speaking with friends and keep and try to keep my mind clean and clear

Cristina G.
i think disconnecting is not totally easy for me, as at first it felt like some kind of torture, but in time it became easier, learning how to spend my time without technology

Emma A.

I disconnect from people/the world instantly, but I cannot disconnect from my devices.

I am learning that this may be associated with my ADHD & autism, but that doesn't make it easier to manage.

Cortnie F.
Great question! It really depends on how much time you spend on you’re phone. But what helps for for me is I silence phone so the sound of notifications coming in wont distract me. While it iI s silenced, do other things that you like, that’s an all day project, or maybe you could catch up on some work you need to do. Hope this helps!

Caleb G.
It is different all the time. And it also commands on how "connected" I was before. But I would say it is still kind of easy for me to disconnecting. But I really need to be in to the thing I am doing to calm down. If I read I really need to be in that book and be concentrated. And if I meditate I need to be focused on that. So it is different from time to time but is often really easy. And it makes it soooo much easier to fall asleep if I do a disconnecting thing before!

Florence E.
Not really, I realise I don't know how to do it. Also i have a hard time being alone with my toughts, disconnecting is scary to me.
I've dealts with really negatives toughts before and I still struggle with the anxiety it gives me

Adrianna S.
No, at times it's very hard. It seems like almost every time I start to disconnect from the world whether it's through setting timers on my phone or fasting from social media something else or someone else grabs my attention. Sometimes it's hard to shut everything off when the world around you is so loud. But what helps me to better disconnect is putting my phone out of my sight or muting a conversation or conversations for a time until I'm ready to rejoin the world after disconnecting for such a time.

Abra O A.
Not really, when I'm interested in a person and get disconnected with them it's hard. It feels like I lost a part of myself

Pablo Q.
No, it's not easy but I can disconnect . But sometimes I am not disciplined. I'm not used to being disconnected. I am always on my phone. I can't disconnect.

Ma L T.
No, I feel I have to do something all the time and keep my phone with me all the time. I am living away from my family and may be that's affecting my behaviour.

Adrianna S.
At times it's not because when I easily become bored I find myself picking up my phone. However, what has helped me to disconnect from my phone is by setting timers of how long I spend on my phone with games, social media, talking to friends & how much time I spend not being on my phone. Doing this has helped me to disconnect better & has helped me to create good habits by doing so. I find that the I'm disconnected from my phone that I'm more engaged in the world such as what's going on around me. Set timers on your phone,

Victoria O.
Not really tbh, but we all need to work on it, for our own good and for our future self. We need to improve it. Most importantly improve our focus.

Leia W.
Disconnecting from my emotions is hard. Disconnecting from the outside world is easier. socials are hitbor miss. I am moderately confident I can disconnect with focus.

Mariana O.
No es tan fΓ‘cil para mi, porque asΓ­ dejo de pensar ciertas cosas que me daΓ±an y no me dejan tranquila. Quisiera hallar una manera de poder evitar estos pensamientos que no me dejan dormir en paz