I sometimes cannot disconnect from the news and work and the hectic life around me that I find myself getting anxious and just want to not be around anyone. What is the best way to pause and realize that life is okay and to be present in the moment?

Aiden X.
Calming my anxiety us usually a changeling thing to do. But now I figured out a way to calm myself and ground myself in the present moment and I do it by counting to 10 on my fingers until all intrusive thoughts are quieter than they were before. Then I say all the facts about myself until I am calm again.
Julie O.
Being present in the moment by enjoying the little things. Doimg what makes you happy and taking time to breathe. Not letting the anxiousness and stress of life build up to where you can't enjoy life. I used to constant worry about things. Now I trust that everything will come into place. Be silent. Read, focus on your mental health, and learn to say no. Those few theings will help you relax and enjoy life while being in the moment.