I’ve been trying to unplug but sometimes a great article or thought spurs another thought and then I’m either writing or watching a brain-stimulating video. How do I stop myself and really switch off?

Ir Nia Q.
Your brain is trying to work or think of something. This is why you should obligate your brain to do it. Trick your brain by thinking about not thinking. Your brain will end up confused but it will get better if you always do it. Also avoid putting next to you anything that could distract you. You can also avoid eating before sleep from at least 2 hours. Prepare yourself for sleep intended of staying on a screen. Your body needs at least one hour every evening to get prepared for sleep. In this time you can: take a shower, prepare yourself for the upcoming day or even sit in bed and read a story. If you do this every day, your body will get used to it and you will not have struggle with sleeping peacefully. thx! Have a good day😊

Gregory F.
I have a pup so it’s a little easier to put my phone up and just cuddle with her. But I work a 9-5 office job so I’m staring at a screen all day. I remind myself that people and social media will be there in the morning and I need to give not only my eyes but myself a break and just come back to myself. It’s not easy I know but after practice it becomes easier! Try reading books instead on an article.

Debbie A.
Set an alarm and when it goes off out down your phone/book/whatever. Then work to establish a non-thinking bedtime routine. Like drink tea, take a shower, stretch, brush your teeth, wash your face, meditate, go to bed. Give yourself about 30 mins and by then your brain will be relaxed and it will be easy to drop to sleep.

Christine Y.
Develop a to do list or book mark process that you trust so you can wait for the next day to review that article or video. Then be ruthless with yourself. Also, just turn off the apps that you use to find those articles and videos.