Its really hard! Any suggestions would help. What do you like to do to relax?

Nilson T.
To relax, I like to turn on some worship music, shower, snuggle into a made bed and clean room and read Webtoons or either write stories
Salvador P.
I find it really hard to concentrate or unwind after a day, and all I really want to do is watch a movie or tv series on my laptop or phone…quite tough for winding down, relaxing etc.
I'm starting to get a "relaxing routine", where I turn off all the big lights and put faerie lights on (can't wind down or sleep without night lights), then put on a show or audiobook that's good to listen to, but won't be visually too engaging (I like to watch history documentaries etc, so there's more focus on the descriptive aspect rather than the visuals so I'm not tempted to watch).
Eyes closed and listening, it's both relaxing and engaging. After a shower and other evening activities, so you don't have to get up again, is even more relaxing.
Maurice W.
I have been reading or listening to audio books. Sometimes I will write out my lists for tomorrow. Insight Timer is a good meditation app as well. I like Mooji on there the best.
Paola N.
I like to read a book in bed (a real book – not on a backlit screen!) right before I go to sleep. I don't set myself a limit on how long I can read for, I just read until I feel sleepy then put my book to one side, turn out my lamp and I'm usually asleep in minutes. I usually also turn an audiobook on after I finish reading (I always have several books on the go at once) which I set on a timer so it turns itself off after 15mins, especially if I'm not feeling very sleepy or if my thoughts are racing. It gives me something to concentrate on and if you have someone with a soothing voice reading it can be very relaxing.
Saba X.
I call my friends a lot, they make me feel like I’m supposed to be here 😉 u also love spending time with mama and baba, they give me sooo much affection
Florentina Z.
I unplug myself from the chatter of the world, sit on my floor and just listen to the white noise of the fan, the refrigerator, the outside world noises vague and muffled through my windows. Just stay still for 10 minutes. It helps.
Tulin R.
Sooo… When you feel motivated everything could eventually happen that you tell is “hard” so feel free to do yoga and meditation it makes you feel energised and sepical .. Tell yourself that you can do it and go for it its not something really hard but will change you!