What helps you to dissconect?

Nikhil N.
Turning off the internet and if the weather is good going outside without your phone and sitting under a tree and just being
Al N.
Turning off the lights, making sure I’m comfortable. Having a night ritual knowing it’s all for me, for my well-being. Knowing I’m doing all of this to sleep better, because if I sleep better, I’ll be a better person tomorrow
Tammy W.
I just try to do my skincare,clean up my room and try my best to get some sleep cor the next day,I'll say sleeping is the hardest thing for me to do.
Hasso O.
I loved to read, but life took me away from reading for a very long time. Now, I am taking a break from work and I find myself gravitating towards reading, so I use it now as my disconnector from the "blue" light!
Emily S.
I set up a playlist on my iPod every night for bedtime. A podcast while I get ready for bed, a meditation for once I get in it, and then soft sleepy music. If I can't sleep, the book I'm reading is next to my bed.