How do you set your alarms ? Where do you put your alarmclock/phone ?

Alexej U.
I set multiple alarms to give myself time to get up and set them every night so you can change up the time you get up everyday. Personally i put my phone in my bedside table turn it on do not disturb and the ringer on so the alarm will wake me up more.
Sabrina Q.
I usually have a weekly alarm. One that is a wake up alarm. Another that is a ok it’s time to get up. Finally a last one thats a ok it’s now or your late 😂. That’s just cause I’m a deep sleeper. If you don’t want to put that many alarms you can also put your phone somewhere in your room where you have to get up to turn it off or snooze it. Hope this helps 🙂
Rh P.
1. My alarm is a gentle cell phone music, with the volume from very low and gradually increase. This way it won’t shock me to wake up.
2. My cell phone is about 2 m or 6 feet away from my bed. So I’ll have to get up and walk a few steps to reach and switch off the alarm.