How long does it normally take to getting into a better routine around disconnecting?

Nicky T.
I switch off my phone every night by 9 have been doing this for weeks. Just do it turn off your, have a herbal tea , have a nice bath and settle down for the night .
Kurt F.
Usually I’m pretty good, however I have a lot going on at the moment and am unsettled due to not living in my own personal home .

Usually my disconnect routine is absolutely great. I generally have good bed hugiene

Izolina O.
I think it depends on how responsive you are to accountability through an app. Personally, I have not been successful with this in the past. However, now that the Fabulous app reminds me to do it each night I will comply. I won't be able to check it off my list if I don't actually complete the task. I haven't yet attempted this without accountability. I hope that helps.