How do you stop your brain from spiralling when you try to go to sleep?

Rebekah N.
Well to be honest this is something I struggle with but I can talk it out in my head and work the steps out or write lists
Arielle O.
I set up my phone so that it’s locked down using the screen time features and do some light stretching and/or yoga before getting in bed. Then I lie down and listen to some relaxing music. Something with repetitive mantras or affirmations is good to keep my mind from wandering.
Sarah B.
I tell myself a story I enjoy. I have to be careful not to pick a super exciting one so I don't stay up to think the whole thing though. A happy image works too!
Insha C.
I used to have a hard time sleeping because whenever I used to go bed my mind used to be filled up with a whole lotta things or several emotions, and for a reason I couldn't stop thinking. The thing that helped me the most was to have a productive night routine as it makes us more tired so we can sleep faster without things going in our head. Maybe read a book jam to your favorite music , bascially do anything that gets you more tired . Also make a to-do list so your brain is decluttered
Mille P.
I find having a notebook near is helpful. For those random nights when I just can't turn off, it's usually something I have missed during the day that has disrupted my equilibrium, not dealt with or 'put to bed'.
I find writing down what's on my mind in that moment usually reveals the block to switching off.
Sarah C.
Well, the answer is; I don’t. My mind is constantly thinking. I’m a bit of an over-thinker. One might tell their self “ I’m not good at falling asleep fast” or, “ I think to much and I can’t help it.” Well, the trick is to NOT THINK LIKE THAT! You would be surprised of how positive thinking can affect you. But it helps to do this:
#1 do a relaxing body scan. Do it slowly too.
#2 lie on your back, put your hands on your belly, and take a few deep breathes.
#3 imagine you’re on your bed, but in the middle of an ocean. You’re drifting, the waves are carrying you to shore. Keep drifting, until you just don’t anymore. If you’re still awake, then just think. Don’t worry, think.
Sweet dreams! ❤️😴