I like to sit on my phone for a bit right before I go to bed but sometimes the phone can disrupt my sleep how can I fix this?

Oscar U.
Aren't we all guilty of this… then when the alarm goes off the next morn we beat ourselves for losing those precious hours to digital activities.

I rise above this temptation by leaving my phone in my purse when I get home. I use the time to prep my bedtime ritual. I remind myself of the dreaded blue lights if my mind tries to confuse me towards my phone and I visualise the morning struggle to get off the bed. By the time I'm done, I feel ready to snooze so there is little or no time to check the phone. Its not very easy but I practise it.

Mary Q.
I can put my phone on do not disturb. Also I can keep my phone somewhere else and out of my reach so I am not tempted to look at it.

Eunoia Q.
Breake that pattren by being on phone first and then taking a shower or do face cleanse and go to bed, just change the order of the routine

Ella Z.
When I go to sleep, I always turn the Wi-Fi off on my mobile, so no one can interrupt me while sleeping. I put my mobile on my desk far away and it helps too.

Julio N.
First… you should to know that you can control your life by doing the differente.
Second there is a few tips you can follow it to stop sit on the phone before go to bed:
1. Keep your phone far away from you, and that's will help you to wake up fast also if you wake up by your alarm .
2. You can find in the sitting smth called sleep system, mange it and that's will help you .

Brandie O.
What I do is to set an alarm to remember to close my phone, and when I'm sleeping, I turn off any wireless connection (wifi, bluetooth, location etc) on my phone. The only reason why I leave it on is the morning's alarm😅

Tim O.
First of all if you really need to use your phone then use the blue light filter so that the blue light doesn't keep you awake. Second ditch the phone and read a good book!

Dominic X.
You can open your eyes if you have the presence of mind to focus on the intent of your meditation. You can choose to focus on a non moving spot or focus on your third eye. Opened eye meditation is for advanced mediators I should say because it's so easy to get sucked into your surroundings and forget the purpose… all the invisible possibilities jump at you just to stray your line of thoughts. I like to close my eyes during meditation but centre my awareness on the reason of the meditation. Sometimes, you may drift off and even sleep off especially if you are tired. But I tend to be more relaxed and train my visual cognisance in a closed eye meditation 🧘‍♀️

Sarah J.
I would think maybe an alarm would help. Or digital management of the phone so that you cannot access your phones. Also you can use apps like SleepTown (I haven't used it but I have heard it's good) to cut distractions like your phone.

Sarah J.
You have to do something that can make you sleep. Example, read some books or do your homework. Is the best for you to do your homework or if you don't have homeworks you can read a book at least 1 chapter a day

Sarah J.
You can set alarm for using phone. When the alarm will be ringing then you will keep your phone. And if your sleep isn't coming you can read books or practice journaling

Sarah J.
Try to have this sit on phone time Before go to bed. Like 30 min before. And make atmosphere like your sleeping time. No TV ,No music and less light when you done with your phone before sleep time,put your phone aside and go to bed.

Sarah J.
I think it’s a bad habit, but sometimes I do, too. I leave my phone in the kitchen so I don’t take it to bed. then when I look at my phone before I go to sleep I try to put myself in an uncomfortable position as it can be standing. once you get used to it will be much easier

Sarah J.
Well I go on my phone until I go to sleep and I know its a bad habit so here's my advice. If you go to bed at 10pm (for example) then turn your phone off at 9pm or 9:30pm so you have that time to cool down/ read a book etc. Even that 30 minutes of not going on your phone before bed will help

Sarah J.
One can better opt for a soothing substitute of the screen such as a good book to read before going to bed. Its true that screen time before bed disrupts sleep so it will be for sure better to have reading or doing anything else but not using screens anymore and also one should switch off all the screens before one hour of going to bed, this comes as a great help.