How can I start a new habit?

Maylin O.
Well when you start you do the app to do and check it off repeatly until your able to put your New habits.from maylinbregy
Estelle Y.
Starting a new habit is done by learning to celebrate the small steps toward victory and being able to understand why the habit is beneficial by doing it there is some improvement to one's current position and the habit should make the lifestyle more efficient in the long term
Daniel O.
Consistency is the key. First of all find your interest which you can continue for a month. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Find your area of interest and just go with it everyday, without break. Positive affirmation in the morning can make things easier.
Angel V.
The first thing I would say that is important is to be committed and he driven and know your goals and dreams you want to achieve. Put it down on paper or electronic and remind yourself daily