How can I disconnect for a while without being completely disconnected from my loved ones?

Evie U.
This can be hard, it’s nice to stay in the loop and be updated on everyone’s lives, but, i am a person who doesn’t have many socials and when i do, i do not have family on it. so just taking a break from social media (while leaving text/email/calls open) usually does the trick. If this doesn’t work for you another option is creating a second account for insta/facebook/whatever where you can follow only family and take a break from the other noise. Just make sure to let you family know you won’t be as active and get some water and a fresh breath of air! Hope this helped 🙂


Tara N.
Write letters, send emails, use a home phone line so you are less inclined to text. Also, delete social media and turn off the notifications, and set a limit on your phone. There are time limit options that you can set so you only get a certain amount of time on the app. These have been great for me