I tend to have so many questions and reminders to set up before I go to sleep. How do I approach this without technology?

Tilde P.
The only way I can think it's to do a list you always bring with yourself and always watch. A paper week planner could help you. Keep improving!
Lillian U.
Well you can ask the questions and finish all the stuff you have to do then turn of your technology And then go to sleep without overthinking while you sleep
Gabe E.
Get a white board with a marker. Its not that expensive, andmore safe to the environment than sticky notes. Write your thoughtson on it,and erase it when it's not needed anymore!
Arquibaldo Z.
I heard the best way to do it is sleeping for about 8 hours and then brain takes some relax like body takes. At the beginning it won't be easy but after a few days, as brain as body, both of them work together to help or make that change for you lifestyle. To summary all your body will be your own technology.
Soan Q.
I try and do all my reminders earlier in the day, and i get ready to sleep about 1 hour and 30 mins before actually sleeping so i have enough time to finish any work