What is darker, quieter and cooler mode use for? I don’t understand this.

R Mi F.
Hello, I looked for this specific mode you are asking about, and I could not find anything that said “Darker, Quieter, and Cooler mode”. Sorry.
Marilou Q.
Making your room darker (your eyes register any light as day time keeping you awake), quieter (because even little sounds can wake you up and make you feel not well rested), and cooler (your body sleeps better in cooler temps) you will get a better night’s sleep.
B Rbel U.
I sleep better when the room is darker, quieter and cooler. To achieve this I crack the door, turn out the lights and have it quiet. That is how I interpret this mode-it May also be used when I am just winding down for the night. I begin by turning off some but not all of the lights-and cracking my outside patio door to let in a little air. The cooler temperature makes it easier for me to get under the covers to go to sleep.
Lucas Z.
To create a perfect sleeping cave which you can think of as a sleep paradise. By getting nice new sheets, a weighted blanket, darker shades I was able to create a bed that I am so excited to get into and stay in all night! It really helped.