Any non phone related activities to do before bedtime? I find the transition between phone and bed a bit harsh and need a buffer in between to properly disconnect

Susannah W.
I like to go around my house and do a little tidy up. Load the dishwasher and set it to run. Check all the lights are out throughout the house. Put away any laundry or finish any chores for the day. It’s nice also to listen to calm music or put on a podcast to settle your mind. Good luck!! 👍🏼🍀
Lonnie O.
When I go enter my bed for the night, it gets placed on it’s charging stand. The only thing allowed in bed with me is a book. I read until I start falling asleep.
Morgan I.
I totally understand. My favorite thing is to read or study. If you have a home assistant (Google, Alexa) you can ask it to play calming music to help prepare your brain for sleep. I personally like to meditate and listen to a guided meditation but it's on my phone. But I tell myself, once I start, I will not touch my phone at all. Hope this helps!
Sander U.
I recommend reading a book. This can help relax and help fantasize ( so you can dream about it ) science has proven if you do something relaxing before bed like reading or taking a bath can help you fall asleep faster. If you don’t like reading you can also draw, meditate or make a puzzle. These activities will relax your mind and make you ready for bed
Lindsey N.
Read a book, stretch for 10 minutes, yoga, meditation is super helpful for winding down for bed, or maybe Journaling or writing things you're grateful for. Or all of the above.
Khaira N.
You can read a book. Physical books not ebook. Or you can memorize something like memorize the periodic table or anything. Or if you feels the two ways is kinda hard, you just lay on your bed and thinking about something..ask yourself and answer by yourself.