How do you disconnect from TV when your spouse watches it in your bedroom?

Claire O.
I don’t allow TV’s in bedrooms. We’d switch off at 10:30pm every night (almost!). My spouse hated it at first but got used to it. Good luck
Milena A.
I just rearranged! Now rhe TV can't be watched from the bed – each one (bed and TV) is watching to the opposite site Of The room… You have to lay backwards to see the monitor – the head to be where the feet are, believe me nobody feel comfortable for long Like this 😉🤘Further we desided, no TV In The bedroom!
Caroline Z.
well just for warning, my English is pretty bad, but i want to answer this question, so i'm sorry if there are some mistakes! my spouse isn't watching anything thankfully, we both like to set the mood nice and quiet, but yes, she loves to put music, which are some lo-fi, relaxing song, asmr, and i too, enjoy it. Well, i don't know if it really helps, since I already have a spouse that doesn't watch action movies or something at night, but that is my answer 😀