What do you do to replace technology?

Ola N.
I do three things for now first I stretch my body for like 6 min then i do breathing exercise for 5 min or 10 in a very calm spot last thing i make my own tea and start writing on my notebook list to do something i need to do it buy it anything comes to my mind
J Lio F.
To replace technology I sit down relax and do some calm exercise Ming dancing and drawing this could also lead to me taking a nap or going to bed early. I sometimes also decide to read for half an hour before I go to bed instead of watching tv or playing in my phone x
Faith B.
A diary/ journal. I mostly use technology to vent to my friends or the internet, but sometimes instead it’s better to complain to a piece of paper and get it all out of your system before talking to someone via technology.
Magdalena X.
I read books, I knit, I like to go for a walks, I prefer and ask my friends for meeting at a coffee or going for a walk(if possible).
Lonneke I.
I put my phone on the charger away from my bed for when I go to bed and then read a book. I'll leave it upstairs if I don't want to be interrupted when I want quality time with my family. I don't really like TV so I'm fine in that department. And I only use my laptop if it's necessary or just really want to watch a movie. ;p
Ms F.
Most of the time I try to replace technology with a fun hobby. I love baking, reading, and training my dog so she can be well behaved, etc.
Rohit F.
Find other activities that you enjoy and are passionate about. Also just don’t always have your phone with you. You leave it in a room when going outside to working out or any other activity.
Lara X.
Sometimes I read but usually I try to be productive. Being productive gives me a feeling of accomplishment and ensures I have had a positive day. I also like to be outside and with nature. I have now discovered yoga and meditation which I like to do outside as it helps me to connect with nature and discover wellness in my mind and body. Another thing I usually do is to surround myself with people or a person that has a positive effect on my mental health. My partner is usually the one to make me feel calm and safe so being around him is really good for me and for our relationship.