Why do I feel exhausted or sleepy in the afternoon once I have started doing the exercises in the morning? How can I overcome this?

Flavie O.
Why you feel this way could be related to the extra energy you are expending. To combat this I would suggest taking vitamin B6 and B12 supplements. They should help increase your energy. However, with everything concerning your health you should consult your doctor first. Personally, I get up at 230 in the morning. I drink one Monster ultra. It has the b vitamins I need and no sugar. Whatever the case for you, think critically and always consult your Dr.
Ewen E.
My friend I have no clue. I feel exhausted all the time myself. I wake up motivated and start losing all my motivation by the time I'm home.
Ilonka Z.
Dear question-asker, I don’t really know how to overcome this.. maybe it’s happening because your body needs more fluids and nutrients then before, when you weren’t doing these exercises? And be gentle to yourself, it’s also your body adjusting to the new demands.. Good luck!