Do you use your “do not disturb” option and keep your phone on when disconnecting? (I have to keep it on because my insulin pump works with my phone).

Khanak I.
Surprisingly, no I don't! But yes, I keep my phone somewhere I would hate to get up and reach and if I get a phone call, I pick it up!

Emma S.
Yes I put it on from 10pm when I’m winding down and it goes off at 7:00 when I’m waking. I leave my phone on during the night as I use a sleep app, but I always have my “do not disturb” on during that time.

Andris Y.
I should use dnd because my life affords me to have that luxury. Plus, setting my phone to dnd will act as my trigger to mentally disconnect.

Corinna J.
That makes sense! I keep mine on too because I use one of those spooky sleep tracking alarm apps that wakes you up when you’re at your least deep sleep level—at the expense of recording your sounds all night (I can listen to my 1 min of snoring in the morn 🤢). Instead I get off of my phone by reading a book and keeping it face down!

Daisy F.
No I actually just turn my phone to silent, which I know is not good enough (at least not for me :') ). But of you have to keep your phone on, maybe try one of those focus apps, they might help (I use forest sometimes, which will grow you a lil cute tree when you're not on your phone)